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Ola! I’m back again after weeks of being quiet here on my blog. Same old reason — work and no Wi-Fi. How are you guys though?  Thank you for still sticking with me despite the lack of posts. I really appreciate it. 🙂

With being at work five times a week and 8+ hours a day, my life had been uneventful. LOL. Not complaining though, because next year would be different. ^_^

Shoutout to Andy for sending this. ❤

So, what am I up to currently? 🙂


ReadingWe’ll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han. Reading it too? 🙂

Watching – random videos on YouTube. One of which is

Loving – having a chill Saturday afternoon and evening. 

Discovering – new places to add to in my bucket list from reading blogs

Thinking – my passport appointment on the third week on November. Yah, I’m finally getting one. Haha!

Feeling – a little tired after roaming around Baclaran to find Halloween costume for my niece. Though we end up buying toys and dress. LOL.

Hoping – May could come sooner ❤

Thanking – my workmates for making my day at work less stressful ❤

Considering – on going somewhere tomorrow.


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