Life Lately

•went to Department of Foreign Affairs for my passport
•stuck at traffic for 3 hours (commute should only be 45 minutes)
•Fitbar and hot chocolate for breakfast since Monday
•walked from work to our house because roads were closed (more or less 6 or 7 kilometers? Not sure.)
•seeing Canada’s Prime Minister and Mexico’s President faces all over my Facebook timeline #APECbae haha!
•cancelled plans
•stuck at home for 2 days
•movie marathon (Letters to Juliet, Inside Out and Love, Rosie)
•admiring my new wallpaper — dahlias ❤
•talking with Andy
•goofing with my workmates
•meeting new employees at our company, one is so gorgeous 😍
•late or would arrive to work at exactly 8:30am
•Just Dance with sisters and nephew
failing in making dessert. haha!
•binge watching videos on YouTube (congratulations Aspyn and Parker!💍)
•daydreaming of being at a helicopter
•read ebook — Solace
•beef nilaga for lunch (I missed it!)
•learning new things at work

•browse Metro Deal for most of the time but didn’t avail any vouchers
•rode an Uber car for the first time
•meeting my ex-bf accidentally that I haven’t seen for 3 years

It’s finally the weekend! I couldn’t be happier! 🙂 Another two days off from work and we’re off for some adventure tomorrow. I’m excited but I do wish I could really get up early tomorrow. Haha!

Have a great weekend you guys! 😉


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