When the cat is away, the mouse will play…

Thursday is about to end and tomorrow’s Friday and theeeen it’s the long weekend! (It’s a holiday on Monday.) Yay! I’m so happy I’d get to have three days away from work. I’m especially excited for Sunday because it’s Belle de Jour Fair once again. Who’s coming?? 😀

Today’s been a good day at work too. Most of the time our department head was away because of meetings. We were able to work smoothly and had a little fun talking about random things. (Shhh. Haha!) The best part is that I was able to go home early! 😀 The title is what our guard told me when he learned I’m going home early. 😀

At work, I also felt the urge to go to Japan already. It was inspired by seeing the receipts and tickets that our Japanese employers forwarded to our department for reimbursement. Someday! 😍😍 🙏

Since I went home early, I decided to pass by the wet market and bought mussels and vegetables. When I came home, I saw mom slicing carrots and cabbage and she also volunteered to cook the mussels I brought. She cooked instant pansit bihon but she made it healthier by adding carrots and cabbage. It’s so yummy! She made sweetened bananas for us too and prepared lime juice. It was such a lovely meal! ❤

How about you? I hope you had (or will have) a great day today. 🙂


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