Together let us…

🔹Go ice skating. You teach me though.
🔹Visit museums we haven’t been to before.
🔹Watch travel and food documentaries. And plan our itinerary.
🔹Watch romantic movies…okay, and action & sci-fi movies, your favorites. 🎥
🔹Play old video games. Like Super Mario!!

 🔹Visit each other’s favorite hang out spot back when we were a child or in high school.
🔹Eat balut and chicken intestines.
🔹Ride hot air balloon.
🔹Plant seedlings in the backyard.🌱
🔹Bake cookies and muffins or make fruit shakes. 🍪
🔹Make our own playlist on Spotify and compile our favorite songs.🎧
🔹Window shop for home decor for our future home.🏡
🔹Slow dance. I’ll let you pick a song though, you’re good at that.🎶
🔹Spend the night gazing at the stars. And hope to see a shooting star.🌠
🔹Do DIY Christmas cards and send it out to family and friends. ✉
🔹Spend the night by the seaside and listen to the waves. Make a bonfire too if it’s possible. 🌊
🔹Learn a foreign language.
🔹Go for a walk in a park. Or around the neighborhood. 👫
🔹Go to an amusement park and ride all the rides and play games. Win the stuffed toys for me! 😀 🎡
🔹Go fishing and cook them for dinner. 🐟



4 thoughts on “Together let us…

  1. As time passes by, The list will get bigger and bigger with all the things we wish to do together, I will cherish and love you always in all that we do, I love you Glaiza ❤


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