Kusudama Flower // origami


In a few hours, it’s the new year already and my sisters are cooking and preparing for our Media Noche while their youngest sister aka me is just in the corner making origami. 🙂 They didn’t mind though because they loved the result and I was able to baby sit my niece. My niece was just by my side while I’m making this and she’s excited too see the result.Read More »


January 2016 Goals


New month, new goals to work for and achieve.

1. Read at least 2 books. There are a lot of books I want to read but I’m too preoccupied with social media during my free time. LOL. So this January I’ll make sure to read at least 2.Read More »



Christmas break is over and I’ll be back to work tomorrow and on Tuesday again. It’s fine though because it’s only for two days then another long weekend is coming up. Also four nights left before New Year and I’m so excited! For sure, my family and I will celebrate New Year here at home which is fine. We’ve been doing it for the past 5 years anyway. Hah! 😀

And yes, I skipped last week’s Currently but I’m back with another of it now so without further ado, here is for this week’s Currently. 🙂Read More »

2016 Belle de Jour Power Planner

We’ve got five days left before 2016! I’m claiming it my year, too, because it’s the year where I’ll make things happen. I’ll make sure to have a fabulous and a very memorable one. I’ll put more effort in all the things I do, create new hobbies, achieve my goals  and just live life to the fullest!
To help me achieve all those and for me to organize my schedule and ideas, I decided to buy again a Belle de Jour planner. I really love this planner with all the features it got and it’s so girly! Perfect for my liking! ❤
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To keep things interesting between me and Andy who’s miles away, we decided to play an online game — Scrabble. We’ve been meaning to play this game for a long time now, but the application won’t let us. LOL. And for the first time last night, on Christmas Eve, we finally got to play! It was so fun! And yep! I won! 😛 Read More »

This Christmas


This Christmas, I hope you’re celebrating it with your loved one. I hope you’d feel loved and know that you have your family and friends. That you’re not alone. I hope you won’t take them for granted.

I hope you had fun decorating the house with Christmas ornaments with your family or cooking / baking for food to share when the clock strikes 12. I hope you had fun doing DIYs or any creative stuff while you’re stuck at home this holiday break.Read More »