Paper Flower Pomander


It’s a DIY kind of day again for me yesterday and the above photo was my inspiration. They’re so cute, right? 😍😍 Perfect to use as room décor or even at wedding venues! Seeing that photo last week, I knew I just had to make one for myself too. Thanks to my sister for buying the materials for me.

So, this is my first attempt.


My sister had a hard time finding pins with just white heads so I had to paint them with white nail polish. Also, I should have made the petals smaller since I used a small ball. Anyway, this is just my first attempt.  🙂 I’ll make it better on my next attempt.
I’m planning to put a ribbon on it so we could hang it on our window or wherever inside our room. I can’t wait to show this too to my niece. She would appreciate it. Heh! ^___^

If you want to make one for yourself too, click the link below.
How To Make A Paper Flower Pomander/Kissing Ball

Happy crafting!  🙂 ❤


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