Sunday Solo Wanderings: Paco Park


Hello, guys! Happy Sunday!

I just got home from my solo wandering at Paco Park in Manila and I loved it there so much! The place is quiet and clean. Plus the weather was so good that made my stay at the park so relaxing!

What made me go Google about where to go this Sunday is because I’m depressed when I stay at home. All I do is lay in bed and tap on my phone. Makes me grumpy too that it affects my communication with Andy and my sisters at home. Thankfully, Paco Park was one of the recommended places to go to when one wants a quiet and relaxing place. Plus, I’ve never been there before.

It’s not that far from home too. I took a train and walked going there. Seeing the photos from Google, I thought the place would be creepy since it’s one of the oldest structures in Manila. Well, maybe it is during night time but during the day, it’s beautiful. Full of trees and there were other park goers too. There were students practicing a dance routine too at one side of the park.


But the best part? There’s a wedding!! I saw the beautiful bride and heard their vows. Sigh! It was so beautiful, guys! Can’t remember the last time I witnessed a wedding. 🙂

Oh! The best-est part was the video call with Andy. I missed seeing him so much!! My pocket Wi-Fi’s signal was stronger there than here at home so we were able to talk for almost half an hour before he had to go to sleep.

Before going home, I had dinner at Greenwich with their yummy lasagna and pineapple juice. And OMG! I saw my super kind supervisor when I had my internship at the Bureau of Customs. I was really ecstatic seeing her again! :)❤ Did a little catch up and then parted ways since it’s getting dark already.

When I reached home, before I could enter the gate, I saw my friend Marnie and her two best friends!! Haha! Today is such a nice day! Sigh! 😍

That’s how I spent half of my Sunday. Will post snapshots that I took from the park soon! You’ll see the bride and the groom there too. Heh! 😉



9 thoughts on “Sunday Solo Wanderings: Paco Park

  1. I can’t ever take my eyes off your photo my love, You always look so amazing beautiful and am so blessed, To be in your heart the way you keep me inside. Soon, It will be us making the vows we heard when we spoke ❤

    …By the way, sure it was just half hour? heh! 😛


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