My 2015 Best Nine Photos from Instagram

Here’s my best nine photos from Instagram according to 2015 best nine and let me tell you stories about them, too. Shall we? 🙂


1. I’m with my friend Marnie. We first did some shopping at the Mall of Asia, ate at Bon Chon then hang out at seaside and watched the sunset ’til night. You can see more snapshots here.
2. It’s for a flatlay photo contest that Skechers Philippines organized during the BDJ fair. Most liked photo will win a brand new pair of shoe. My photo was the most liked but I never got the shoes because they never announced any winners. Oh well!

3. Donut for breakfast! Nothing significant with the photo, really. 😀

4. A selfie I took during one of those Sunday lunch date with the family. My friend Alona came to see me, too, and she ate lunch with us. I miss her terribly! ❤

5. I don’t know the tree’s name but it was so pretty with all its purple flowers. Took that photo at Tomas Morato Elementary School before the Civil Service Exam started.

6. I’m with Marnie again and this photo was taken inside one of H&M’s fitting room. We’re so psyched that night! A shopping spree that Creamsilk gave us to buy outfits, shoes and accessories that we’ll wear for the event, Cream Silk: A Celebration of World Class Filipina. Seeing Lea Salonga perform live was amazing! You can read about my experience during that night here.

7. Tempura from Bon Chon! 😍 Sigh. I’m craving for some now.

8. I cried seeing my name in that list. Heh! I’m so happy I passed the Civil Service exam. Thank You Jesus!

9. Just a random selfie I posted on Instagram. Nothing special. Those round cheeks though. LOL.

So many memories from 2015! But I’m excited for 2016 for more!

Want to see what are your 2015 best nine photos on Instagram too? Click here.


10 thoughts on “My 2015 Best Nine Photos from Instagram

  1. It’s sad they never announced who win in a contest. Yours is nice! And congratulations for passing the civil service exam. Cheers for 2016! Happy new year!


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