January 2016 Goals


New month, new goals to work for and achieve.

1. Read at least 2 books. There are a lot of books I want to read but I’m too preoccupied with social media during my free time. LOL. So this January I’ll make sure to read at least 2.

2. No soda. This is actually easy because I’m not really fond of soda. But I still drink it from time to time especially when I eat at a fast food chain. I’ll do my best to resist it for the whole month.

3. Learn at least 1 song to play with electronic keyboard. Since we have the keyboard, why not practice it, right?

4. Go to at least one place I’ve never been to. Yes to adventures!

5. Save at least 20% of my paycheck. While I still live with my family and we all share with the expenses, I dare myself to save as much as I can.

Before January ends, I’ll look back to this post and assess myself if how I’dΒ  been with these goals.

Stay focused and motivated!



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