2016’s first week


First week of January flew by so fast and mine was spent mostly at work. I’m already with the bank for 5 months! Geez! And it had been a roller coaster kind of experience. Nevertheless, I love my colleagues. Learnt a lot from them considering this is my first work after graduating university. My patience got tested over and over again and I’m glad I didn’t filed my resignation paper yet. LOL!
I didn’t forget about my goals for this month, too! *pats my own shoulder* I’m motivated to do all those because I know they could contribute to even just a little to my ultimate goal of becoming a better me. Like in reading a book, I could apply to myself the lesson that the novel wishes to convey.

As for my boyfriend and I, first week of 2016 made us even more excited with all the plans we made last year. Hoping and praying the odds will be in our favor. We’ll make it happen. ❤

Looking forward to more great days and weeks and months this year.

How did your first week of 2016 go? 🙂 I hope it was great and something that you really hoped for. 💋


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