10 January 2016 : Vanishing Acts, The Lovely Bones, Christmas lights etc.

So it’s a Sunday and I’m back to work again tomorrow. I only had a day of rest because yesterday, Saturday, I went to work. I’m so close to the day of my end of contract with the bank. It’s bittersweet, actually. I’ve come to like the people there but I’m excited too to leave. I want to venture to another company and start anew.
I started reading Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult a week ago but I’m so slow in reading these days. I think I’m still at the 2nd chapter. LOL! People say that novel was good so I chose to read it. I still can’t tell if I like it though because I haven’t read that much of the book yet. Have you read the book? Encourage me to finish it if you loved the story. 😀

I just finished watching The Lovely Bones. I’ve read the book before and I liked it. The movie was good too. But, I don’t know, I still hoped it had a different ending. Yesterday, after work, I watched Lucy and it was great!! I liked it so much!

I wonder if the Christmas lights at Ayala Triangle are all still up? I’ve been meaning to see them for two Christmases already but I never had the chance to go. It’s only 850 meters away from work, actually. But after work, I’m too tired to walk going there and going home is in different direction. I seriously want to see the lights next Christmas.

I’ve been using my credit card like everyday the past week because I don’t have much cash anymore and I don’t want to withdraw my savings from my account. Can it please be payday already?

That’s… my life lately.

I’m craving for chocolate ice cream now. Preferably, Selecta’s Cornetto.

Happy birthday Kryz Uy! You’re such an inspiration. ❤


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