Green and leafy vegetables, anyone? πŸ™‚ Together with my sister and niece, we went to the market to buy something for lunch. We bought tomatoes and calamansi from this store and bought meat from the other store.
I may have grown up in a farm and that vegetables are just in the backyard and meat and fishes are sold in a market that is roughly 1 hour or more away from us, yet I’m still picky with what vegetables to eat. Especially the green and leafy ones. Haha! How ironic is that.
One good example is lettuce. I don’t like its taste. πŸ˜€

7 thoughts on “Produce

  1. Vegetables are very important. I love the picture! I agree on the lettuce. It has not value. Spinach and Kale contain valuable nutrients. Also collard greens (130% vitamin A , 25% vitamin C) mustard greens (160% A , 90% C) turnip greens (180% A , 80% C) and good sources of calcium, iron and fiber. Don’t get me started on beans! I love these too. Thanks for sharing 😊


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