Some of the people doubt the genuineness of long distance relationship. Especially if the two people involved haven’t even met yet. I couldn’t blame you. I, myself, used to doubt that LDR works too.

I used to have lots of questions like how can they love each other without seeing face to face? How can they be sure that he or she is not cheating? How can they be sure that they’d still love each other after meeting for the first time? What would their family and friends say knowing their loved one found someone online? They’d think he/she must be crazy. How can he/she be sure he’s not ‘dating’ a member of syndicate? Why would they choose someone who’s miles away when there are lots from their place too? Lots of questions and other paranoid thoughts. LOL.

For the first time, I found myself in a long distance relationship. I’m in an LDR for months now and those questions like I mentioned above actually annoys me. 😀 I still get a surprise and funny look when someone knows I’m in an LDR too.

I really believe that I’m loved. I could feel it. I’m confident about it. 🙂 We both show our love to each other in our own little ways. We both want a future and I believe we’ll have because of how we love each other. We’ll make it happen. We talk to each other’s family and friends and for me that really makes a great difference too.

LDR is hard and would really test your patience, but hold on to each other’s promise and in the end everything will be worth it.

In response to The Daily Post: Reason To Believe


16 thoughts on “LDR

  1. People meet in many different ways. As long as their is honesty and integrity and dedication you can make it work. And hopefully you can soon meet and find a way to be together. I wish you the best.

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  2. Those typical LDR questions can be so frustrating! I know I encounter the question all the time “Aren’t you afraid he’s cheating on you?”, you just have to stay confident in yourself and your relationship!


  3. Ldr is very, very hard. But they are just as real as any other relationship. Make time for each other, also make sure you aren’t talking all the time though that’s hard to do at first, trust each other for sure.


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