Soon, I’ll see you face to face. See your facial reactions. See you laugh. See you blink. Look at you in your eyes. Soon, I’ll kiss you. Under the stars and the moon. Kiss you while you’re asleep. Kiss you just because. Soon, I’ll able to hug you, hold your hand, cling to your arm. Soon, we’ll be breathing the same air, we’ll be at the same country, at the same place, at the same house with a beautiful garden, no more time difference. No more waiting for each other to wake up and talk. No more saying good night to you when it’s morning at my end. Soon, we will never be apart from each other’s arms. Never be miles away.


5 thoughts on “Soon

  1. So are you going to Andy’s country or is he coming to yours? Will you get to stay together after that, or is it just a visit? How wonderful you finally get to be together.


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