My Uber Driver

After the dinner I had with my colleagues, it was almost 12 midnight, I decided to go home and took Uber. For months of availing Uber rides, I’m so grateful I have never encountered rowdy drivers. They’re always polite and doesn’t do any monkey business. Last night, I think, was by far the kindest of all. He was chatty, keeps on using “po” and “opo” to me, calls me ma’am and always thanks me even if I’d just say simple instructions like “Turn left.”

We chatted about how he started to be an Uber driver last 2013, how Uber gave out lots of promos and credits, and I learned that Uber drivers can rate their passengers too. He showed me that I got 4.5 stars out of 5. I find it cool that the driver and passenger can rate each other. For everyone’s safety.

There was a fare surge last night but it was so worth it. I got a kind driver and I was safely dropped at home at midnight. Said “God bless po Ma’am.” before I went out of the car. I’m grateful for people like him. May God bless you, too, Kuya Jose.


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