Heart-to-Heart Time #2


I have never asked these questions to him before and I’m glad I found these online while I was on the quest for compiling questions to ask each other. 🙂

Which of your personality traits do you wish you could change?
Andy: What traits would I change a bit myself. I would have to say, Be less insecure about certain things that come with long distance relationships, As well as more patience.
Glaiza: My being the great procrastinator. LOL. When will I ever learn???? -____-

Which of your friends would you choose if you had to be on a desert island with just one?
Andy: Who would I take to a deserted Island? Can I say, you? I’d be perfectly happy even with a coconut tree and just us. I’ll be even happier if we had a volleyball and we named it Wilson haha!! (Why Wilson?? LOL)
Glaiza: You know I’d pick Alona, right? 😉

Who was your first crush?
Andy: My first crush, Was in my childhood growing up in Chile, I still remember visiting her home and meeting her mom who looked at me like I was proposing to her daughter lol!
Glaiza: I forgot his name. But I was in 5th grade and he’s a 6th grade transferee. I remember he likes Mickey Mouse so much! 😀

What is the best thing about our relationship?
Andy: What I love about our relationship, Is devotion. We’ve been through the worst together, things that could of ended us and no one would of blamed you. But, you stayed and our love continued still. I’m grateful for you, Glaiza Binayas.
Glaiza: We get to talk about our conflicts and still have each other at the end of the day.

Which of my friends do you think is the most fun?
Andy: I think Marnie is hilarious and fun when it’s her love for k-pop, she loves it so much and celebrates even after spending most of her savings on tickets haha! (I miss her! But she’s still busy fangirling. Haha! Did you see she went to EXO’s concert?)
Glaiza: Mmm. I so can’t think of just one. If I could pick 4, I’d choose your 3 Filipino friends. Heh. I only remember Pol. Sorry. Also, I’d like to include Dan. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Heart-to-Heart Time #2

  1. There’s a game called The Un- Game that comes with a board or just the box of 2 sets of questions on cards. I have traveled with them, hiked with them, used them on road trips, and taken them to game night parties. They are a nice way to get to know more about someone.


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