High Priority: Happiness


Sometimes, happiness for me is elusive. But listing happy things and remember happy moments help me brighten my day. Thinking positive thoughts, too, and be grateful and contented with what I have.

Whenever I would feel sad and bored, I’d fight that urge to just sleep all day. I’d find something I would enjoy and give my full attention to it. I’m glad I have this blog, I have e-books to read, Pinterest to browse, play with niece and nephew, or talk to my sister. The next time I’d feel blue, I have two packs of origami papers hiding in my closet to try. I have a diary that I could write on whatever I want. (Thanks to my boyfriend.) Even simple things like looking outside the window and see beautiful formation of clouds makes me happy.

You see, I know what makes me happy and I know happiness is everywhere. I should just stop being so stubborn and stop driving myself away from those things.

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