Weekly Affirmation #6


This goes to everyone; family & friends, my boyfriend, the WordPress community, bloggers and vloggers I look up to, everyone that had been part of my life.

Family & Friends
With the support (and even warnings) I’m getting whenever I make choices in my life, I’m thankful that I have them that care for me. I’m inspired to make good choices that would make my life better.

Very supportive in every way. With the love and appreciation I’m getting from him, I’m inspired to make our relationship work.

WordPress community
Never in my life did I regret of blogging here in WordPress. I love how everyone supports each other and give constructive criticisms. I like how I get to write or share photos here and connect with other people.

Every Bloggers and Vloggers
I used to only be a reader of blogs until I had the courage to make my own site. Thank you to them I got inspired to share a part of me too and they will always be an inspiration with all the great posts they write.

Thank you to everyone that adds meaning and color to my life. ❀

5 thoughts on “Weekly Affirmation #6

  1. admittedly, I’m enjoying bbq ribs leftover from the other night and a lunchbox…beer cocktail made of orange juice and amaretto – the lighter the beer the better but i have made this with high class disaronno and fancier beers and premium orange juice too it’s just not better that way… but even if i smile the cheaper it gets… call that sentiment πŸ˜‰ a smile right back at you…. be glad my support isn’t a weird scary video about whom like bananas too that’s the hot facebook action in tonightls land πŸ˜€ so i must still content myself listening to 2- something ago’s hot upcoming russian israeli band.. eek. why do i want to i don’t know but blues isn’t this and yet it’s wrong but so right.


  2. Awww, this is such a sweet post! So proud of you for having the courage to start your own site. As a fairly newbie to the community as well, it’s super scary to put yourself out there so I applaud you!


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