100 Movies A Year + January Update


Hi everyone! πŸ™‚ I’m joining Maine of millimetrs in one of her projects this 2016 (she’s been doing this since 2010!) and that is to watch a hundred of movies in one year. This is just her personal project but I thought this would be fun, and educational for some movies have moral lessons to share. Could be a great escape to thoughts I don’t want to entertain and other movies would make me feel happier and inspired.

For the month of January I watched:
🔹Paper Towns
🔹Me and Earl and The Dying Girl
🔹The Lovely Bones
🔹Forrest Gump
🔹Before Midnight
🔹Cast Away

All are great movies! It was my first time to watch Forrest Gump, I may be very late but I’m glad I finally had the chance to watch it. The only movie from my list that I have watched before is Cast Away. I’m really happy with the movies I watched for the first month of the year and looking forward for more.

I don’t have any list of movies to watch this February yet, would you like to recommend? Comment below. Thank you! πŸ™‚

Thanks to my sister for providing me a one month subscription to Blink! Got to make use of that freebie. πŸ˜‰

18 thoughts on “100 Movies A Year + January Update

  1. I love movies and watch quite a few. I enjoyed Paper Towns. If you can handle intense, I just watched “Beasts of No Nation” about the children soldiers in Africa. Amazing acting and great movie, but very intense. I tend to go for romantic movies, comedies but do watch some dramatic ones, too.


  2. Lucky you you already watched Forrest Gump! I’ve been planning to watch it like forever but I can’t find the time 😦 Since February is the love month I suggest Rom Com Movies πŸ™‚ 13 Going on 30, 500 Days of Summer, 10 Things I Hate About you and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days πŸ˜€


  3. OOO! I saw something you did! πŸ˜€ I watched cast away with absolute ferver but only once….WILSONN! forrest gump enough times to even be bored bubba gump’s shrimp company saw sis go in a trip to sacremento maybe san fran cali, usa but there is one in denver for years by the theater which i still haven’t gone. denver colorado middle of the landlocked lands sellin the fresh seafood lol… I love the modern world..


  4. Fun project. Pretty sure you’ll enjoy it. πŸ™‚ I love watching movies too, but not sure if I can watch 100/year, though. I never counted how many movies i have watched. Recently, I watched “No escape” (three times), My sister’s keeper, The intern, and San Andreas.

    I liked Lucy. I know I have watched Forest Gumps, but I can’t remember the story. Lols! I would try to watch some movies you have on your list (Paper Towns I guess is interesting). πŸ™‚


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