My First Waterfall and Trekking Experience

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How did you spend Valentine’s Day? However you spent it, I hope you had fun. Me? I spent the day trekking. It was a special day for me because for the first time I saw a waterfall. Also, along with my three sisters, we travelled with strangers. People we only met on Facebook through the Facebook group, Your Travel Buddies.

The waterfalls were in Laguna and we started our quest at 3:00 AM. We were on the road for more or less two hours. We had breakfast first and then we started to trek. It was easy at first, but the trail became difficult and steep as minutes passed by and after an hour, we reached Hulugan Falls. It’s majestic! First waterfall I’ve seen and there were other people swimming, too. According to our tour guide, it was only discovered last October 2015 and after it was featured in two local TV shows, people came to see it.



We then trekked another steep and muddy trail. It was hard and tiring! It was a sunny day, but what more if it was raining? Geez! After almost 45 minutes, we reached Talay Falls. To see the waterfall up close, one has to climb the boulders. The space was limited we had to wait for our turn because there were groups of people who came before us.

To reach the third waterfall, we had to climb boulders with a rope. After that, you’d walk into a branch of aΒ tree the locals provided or else you’d be walking in the waters. Another rock climbing and you’d reach the Hidden Falls. We saw two people dove on the waters to get near the waterfall. By the way, I do not know how to swim so there’s no way I could go near it even if I wanted to. Haha!

After the three waterfalls, we went back to our starting point to have lunch and we took some rest for we had one waterfall left to go to. We had some bibingka (which was sooo good!) and coconut juice the locals were selling. We bought two bottles of pure honey, too, to bring home.


Since the fourth waterfall was at a different part of Laguna, we had to be on the road again for almost an hour. Fourth fall, which is the Taytay Falls was easy to go to. The place was more commercialized and we only had to follow the cemented path to reach the waterfall. No need for a tour guide. There were more people and others had even put up their tents. The water was crystal clear and sooo cold! But it didn’t stopp us from swimming. Since it was the last waterfall for the day, we all dipped into the cold water and had a fun time.

We hit the road again to go back to Manila around 6:00 PM but we dropped by at a seafood restaurant first to have dinner. Geez! Our experience with the restaurant wasn’t good, we wasted almost an hour waiting for our orders and there were lots of mosquitoes. LOL! The food was yummy, nevertheless. We reached home around 11:00 PM already.


I suffered four days of sore legs and tired body, but I could say everything was worth it. I would love to trek again and reconnect with nature. I told myself that this year I’d make things happen and I’m grateful that I’ve been to places I haven’t been to since the past month. Hoping for more! πŸ™‚

19 thoughts on “My First Waterfall and Trekking Experience

  1. That sounds like so much fun! I went to Niagara Falls but there was so many people and you were not allowed to swim in it. Great post! πŸ’™


  2. waw!that’s in laguna!for real!must go and check it too!loveurpost!we’ve trekked too on Vday 2016!You might wanted to check it too, it’s in San Gabriel, La Union, about an hour trek and you will find Tangadan Falls!enjoy!
    ❀ raine


  3. Awwww. this must have been such a pleasant experience! I imagined myself there as I read this. πŸ˜€ I love such tours and I’ll love to see a legit waterfall for myself as well. Lovely blog you’ve got! ❀ Thanks for sharing!
    God bless,


  4. Where I grew up – Yilan, Taiwan – there are lots of waterfalls. I visited quite a few of them in my childhood and your post reminds me those happy waterfall days I had. Thank you! I enjoy these images too!!

    Vivienne X


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