Three Day Quote Challenge II: Day 3

It’s the last day for the Three Day Quote Challenge and I’m three days late in posting this. Geez! :/

“I just want to be the one to remind you what it’s like to smile.”

— Ne-Yo, “Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself”, R.E.D 

For today’s quote is from Ne-Yo’s song, Let Me Love You. This quote always reminds me of my boyfriend. I like seeing him smile, when he does that it really warms my heart. But the truth is, it’s him who would always remind me how to smile because I’m the grumpy and moody one. 😛 I tend to worry too much, too, and it ruins my mood. So, it’s really nice when you have someone who would always bring a smile to your face. Be it your special someone, family, friends or even your pets. Someone  who would remind you, “You’re more beautiful when you smile.” (cheesy.)

Who/what brought a smile to your face today? 🙂

For this Challenge, the rules are:

🔹Post three consecutive days.
🔹You can pick one or three quotes per day.
🔹Challenge three different bloggers per day.

Smiling Notes –

Grace –

Jillian –

Something that made me smile today also is because I’m going to Blogopolis 4D, the biggest blog and social media conference in the Philippines, tomorrow! Who’s coming? (Let me tag along. Haha!) See you there! 🙂


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