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🔹 Easter Egg Cookie Dough Truffles

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Fine Saturday at Circuit Makati


Today, Saturday, I needed to go out of the house because
a.) it’s too hot at home and boring
b.) long weekend is about to end and I’d regret if I would only spend my 4 days off from work browsing the internet and social media
c.) I want to take new pictures for my Instagram. (Haha!) and
d.) I want to give my niece a fun weekend. (She said she had fun. 😜)

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Childhood Nostalgia


In one month and a few days, I’ll be celebrating my birthday. As I sit here thinking I’ll be another year older (and hoping and praying, wiser and happier, too) I can’t help but reminisce the past.
Mostly, fun times with cousins and school friends. Vivid memories of enjoyable and entertaining times. Invaluable is challenging bloggers to remember their favorite past time. Depending on what your favorite past times are you can relive them again with resources like and their featured collectibles.

Here’s top 5 flashbacks:

🔹My cousin’s family owned (apparently, until now) a rice powder machine and every time a customer leaves, we’d collect leftover and when we had enough, we’d make a dough and play with our cooking toy set. We would also use leaves and petals, any thing we thought we could “cook” actually. 😀
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Ready For More

Seeing today’s prompt on The Daily Post – dirty – it reminded me of my shoes. My dirty, muddy shoes and the first pair of shoes I wore on my first trek.


This photo holds a memory of the experience I had with this pair. I crossed the river, hiked on muddy trails and climbed rocks with it. Of course, they’re clean again now and just waiting for that time where I’d use them again on my next adventure. 🙂

First Week at Bldg A


Hello, guys! 🙂

Last Monday, I started with my new work. At the headquarters of a Japanese retail store here in the Philippines (I wonder if I’ll be working in a Japanese company again on my third work. LOL) and it had been a tiring week. Work is so stressful, really. :/ Good thing is I met new friends I get to chat with during lunch breaks or before and after work (we’re too busy to talk during office hours. LOL) My stomach aches from laughing every time I’m with them and I so love it. They’re my stress reliever at the office. 😀 Read More »

What Happy Looks Like


Who have read This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith? In that book, Elise listed things what happy looks like for her. Some of things she (and Graham) listed are things that brings me joy and for sure for some other people, too.

After a moment of pondering, I came up with three big ones of what happy looks like to me.
1. Knowing you’re with someone who loves and accepts you. I feel so happy and blessed thinking about that. ❤

2. I get to do things I love — travel, taking photos and sharing them to my social media, and my other hobbies.Read More »

Instagram Diary: Life Lately

It had been 10 days since I last posted here. What’s up? Where have I been? What did I do? Last week had been awesome! So many good things happened that are worth remembering and looking forward to. I had quiet moments and was able to be away from social media…well sort of because I was online on Instagram for the most time. 😀 So for this post, I’ll let this IG posts tell stories of what I did in the past days. 🙂
I went to Blogopolis 4D! Met online influencers and learned from them. I met a new friend too. This event was fun with all the talks, booths from their sponsors and games. More »