Childhood Nostalgia


In one month and a few days, I’ll be celebrating my birthday. As I sit here thinking I’ll be another year older (and hoping and praying, wiser and happier, too) I can’t help but reminisce the past.
Mostly, fun times with cousins and school friends. Vivid memories of enjoyable and entertaining times. Invaluable is challenging bloggers to remember their favorite past time. Depending on what your favorite past times are you can relive them again with resources like and their featured collectibles.

Here’s top 5 flashbacks:

🔹My cousin’s family owned (apparently, until now) a rice powder machine and every time a customer leaves, we’d collect leftover and when we had enough, we’d make a dough and play with our cooking toy set. We would also use leaves and petals, any thing we thought we could “cook” actually. πŸ˜€

🔹I was 12 years old whenΒ  Meteor Garden was first aired here in the Philippines. During weekday afternoons, my cousins and I would gather in front of the TV to watch it together. We just can’t miss it and us, girls, would also braid our hair like Shan Chai.

🔹I had this round loom and I’d make flowers out of yarns, too. I’d use different colors and collect the flowers I made or give it to my girl cousins. Or sometimes I’d hang them to our window.

🔹I checked On This Day on Facebook and learned that 3 years ago, I posted this photo. This was when I had a vacation in Iloilo. What I missed so much out of many other things is we could eat Indian mangoes whenever we want. We had that thing my cousins hold so we could reach the ones high up on the tree. We love unripe (or not too yellow) ones and dip it to soy sauce with crushed chili. (And sometimes dipping it next to salt.) Ugh! Mouth watering photo.


🔹Learning how to make these. (I guess I never learned though. Too complicated for me before.) Instead, I’d ask my grandmother to make me one. Sometimes, she’d gladly to do so and sometimes not. Hah! The last time I saw the coconut tree where we’d get the leaves, it’s tall already.

Some more flashbacks…Β 

🔹Rewinding a cassette or VHS tape with a pencil
🔹Playing Snakes with my sister’s Nokia 3210
🔹Predicting the future if I’ll end up withmy crush by playing FLAMES
🔹Browsing my late uncle’s mail stamp collection in a photo album
🔹Using a magic pencil. (And feeling so cool.) πŸ˜›
🔹Funny look on my first grade teacher when I colored my clouds blue.
🔹Learning how to cook rice in fourth grade.
🔹Calling my aunt Mommy. (And as I grew older, I think it felt awkward that I’m calling her that so I called her Auntie instead until now.)
🔹Watching Okatokat – a horror tv show.
🔹My cousin built a swing on one of the Indian mango tree. (They chopped off the tree now because my aunt had their house built on that lot.)
🔹Cried the firt time I watched Lion King.

…and so many more childhood memories! Even thinking of sad and embarrassing ones now too.

It’s so nice to relive those memories! Makes me want to do them again. Would even be nicer if I’m in my hometown.

I’m in my 20’s and I’m still collecting memories that I’d love to revisit when I reach my 50’s.

What’s your childhood memory? πŸ™‚


15 thoughts on “Childhood Nostalgia

  1. I remember as a kid during recess in Taiwan, My friends and I didn’t play in the yard, instead we’d look for snails to sneak into the classroom with leaves, we’d get caught but so fun πŸ™‚


  2. which memory? heh. I suppose a funny set of them were the feeling it was almost safe in my town – there hadn’t been any big doo doo crimes I knew of. to walk the street darting from behind car bumpers out of the neighborhood after having hauled myself out a garden basement window. it had to be the middle of the street. because too close to the houses although grass is quieter than sidewalk or street, was to risk the dog alarms. to feel that fear. to wait the headlights passed to dart the highway crossing rolling under the little barbed wire fence to walk a ploughed feild up a high hill to the full moon shining over the cement foundation of a house long since gone… a rogue sparkle of broken glass about a knee high something weed. to walk down to the ditch where the rope swing was but by this time in the history of the spot it was far far too wide so it was both far too high to climb dry to the branch where the rope was tied… too wide to lean out without a complete bath for the rope. to know that feeling it was the dead of night no longer daytime delights…different. there really wasn’t the same funs to be had. to then go to the nothole to see the stash.. it was there someone’s empty whiskey bottle. that was the poetry, it wasβ‰₯ all gone. to thus then trudge home more afraid to get caught on the way back… to try again the next night only to find the window didn’t stay open thus I was trapped alone at night outside…. yep… to ring the doorbell to get back inside…GROUNDED…big surprise…but it beat freezing without blanket hoping to avoid detection til the door came open again for the day.


  3. Oh dear, snake on a Nokia was amazing. I couldn’t stop playing it when I was a child. I actually never cried during lion king as a kid but I still love Disney movies up till this day(still a little kid sometimes) and now I cry when I watch it ;-;


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