Laid-back Saturday // 04.09.2016

While my sisters are away for their first summer beach getaway at Burias Island, (A ‘Biyahe ni Drew’ Itinerary: How to be a Castaway in Burias Island, Masbate) here I am at home browsing the internet, listening to music and catching up with emails. Not that I didn’t want to come with them but I had to work yesterday until 9:30 pm. It would take them hours to go to the island and their group wanted to see the sunrise so they started to hit the road last night.

With the amount of work and overtimes I had this week, I’m still thankful it’s the weekend and having a laid-back Saturday at home isn’t that bad. Besides, I’ll be on vacation too on the last week of April. One that I’m so excited about and can’t stop talking about with my friend at work. I hope she’s not tired of me mentioning the trip though. LOL!

Also, I decided to join the group, Your Travel Buddies, for a trek again next week. This would be fun!

I still hope I’d get to go to the beach this summer though. Haven’t been to the beach in years now. Boo!

What’s your summer (or spring) break plans? 🙂


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