Stacked up // Telstra Building


Once in my life, I dreamed of becoming an engineer to build cool buildings like this. I took the entrance exam and interview. Fortunately, I passed and excitedly enrolled myself to take Engineering subjects. I remember in all the subjects I took, it was in Engineering Drawing were I excelled the most and the class I always look forward to attend with my T-square, mechanical pencil, plates and whatnot. But it only lasted for the first semester. Things happened that I had to let go of that dream. Making the long story short, I graduated in Business Administration instead. 

In going to work, I always pass by Telstra’s building. I’d always have this smile every time I see it. How cool the look of it — like stacked up boxes. And seeing cool buildings would always make me remember that long gone dream. But even though I took a different path during college, I learned to be contented and still did my best in academics. And I’m still grateful with the other things that happened after it especially the people I had the chance to meet. ❤


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