Missing You


It’s been a month now since we parted ways at the airport,  since the last time I had a kiss and tight hug from you. If only our trip didn’t have to end.

For the first week since I came home, I’d always cry myself to sleep. I didn’t like that I had to go home. I didn’t like leaving you. I wanted to be with you every time.  How I missed your hugs, the way you’d hold my hand wherever we go. I miss getting lost with you in the city, just biking around wherever it would lead us. I miss your smile. I miss staring at you while you watch TV, while you serve me food, while you talk with your mother and relatives. I miss your laugh. I miss your jokes that could make me laugh ’til my tummy aches. That’s the best! 😉 I miss watching you play with your niece. You’re so good with her. I know you’ll be a great dad to our kids, too. Someday. I miss that look you give me when when we look at flowers. You know I’d stop walking and take a picture. You know very well I love flowers. So many things, love. So it’s safe to say, I miss everything.

It was nice that we had a routine, too. I won’t mind doing it everyday with you again soon.

And let me tell you. I like a lot of things about you — your teeny eyes that disappears when you smile, especially when you laugh, your height, your strong arms, your hands. Especially your hands. I so love holding it. You’d always say you’re just an average guy. Love, I don’t think there’s anything average about you. 🙂

Everyday with you was amazing, love. I may cry a lot every time we talk about our trip, it’s only because I miss you so much. I’m so, so happy we had two weeks to be together (than nothing at all.) One of the happiest two weeks of my life. Thanks to you (and your mom, too! ♡) I know we’ll see each other again.

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