Boyfriend Tag

Hello, guys! 😀

I first learned this Boyfriend Tag on YouTube as most of the YouTubers I follow have done this with their boyfriends. A fun way to see if your boyfriend remember things about you or your relationship.

After dating for over a year and a few months, I’m pretty sure Andy and I have talked a lot of things already. Read on and find out if he answered all the questions I asked him about me. 😁

1. I’m sitting in front of the tv, what is on the screen? 

🔸 Thelatest episode of a documentary *you know me very well. Haha*

2. You know how much I like flowers but, what kind of flower is my favorite?

🔸Tulips *riiiight 😍😍*

3. What’s one food I don’t like?

🔸Spicy and steaming warm foods

4. We go out to eat and have a drink, what would I order?

🔸Iced milk tea or mango?

5. What size shoe do I wear?

🔸I forget heh! Very small shoes 😉

6. If I’m collecting anything, what would it be?

🔸Flowers and leaves, I remember the walk in Taipei when you took a small flower for a walk ☺️ *I still have the maple leaf and the small flower with me :)*

7. What’s my pet peeve?

🔸Waiting ;P

8. What would I eat everyday if I could?

🔸Bonchon! *Spot on! Good job, love! Hahah*

9. We’re going out shopping- what do you think I’d most likely to purchase?

🔸The sandals that we saw at Forever 21

10. What’s my favourite music?

🔸So many :O

11. Something I shared with you about when I was still in high school.

*he doesn’t remember. Haha!*

12. What’s my eye colour?


13. Who’s my best friend?

🔸Marnie 😄

14. What is something you do that I wish you wouldn’t?

🔸Think too much?

15. Where was I born?


16. You bake me a cake for my birthday, what kind of cake is it?

🔸Chocolate, Lots of chocolate! *Haha! On my next birthday, please.*

17. Do/did I play any sports ?

*He doesn’t remember 😂*

18. What could I spend hours doing?

🔸Cuddling doing nothing all day

19. What is one unique talent I have?

🔸Knowing flowers and what you can do with them ☺️

20. What is my nickname at home?

🔸Sweet ☺️

This was fun! I can’t stop smiling while reading his answers. 😀 Even though he wasn’t able to answer some of the questions, it’s okay. It didn’t make me love him less. I wonder if I’ll be able to answer all the questions he’ll ask if he’ll do this to me, too. Haha.

Have you done this tag (or something like this) with your special someone, too? How did it go?

Thank you for reading. ‘Til next blog post. 😉

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