Highlights of the BDJ Fair 2016 

One of the things I’m excited about October is the BDJ Fair. During BDJ Fair, Belle de Jour launches its new planner where everyone can purchase it at a discounted price. Not only that, though, during BDJ Fair, you’d enjoy yourself as they have amazing sponsors that give out free products and stuff and prizes for various games. Also, there are talks you could attend to help you motivate, inspire and live a beautiful life.

I’ve been attending the said annual event for 4 years now and each time, I’d go home happy and had full of fun.

Last October 16th, I went with Elaine and below are some of the things I loved about this year’s BDJ Fair.

1. I was reunited with Elaine. The last time we’ve seen each other was months ago and also at one of BDJ’s event. We both love attending any events of BDJ. ❤

2. I met Maxene Magalona! She’s a local actress. She gave a talk about embracing a flawless beauty and also about overcoming low self-esteem.

3. Having a photo with Ms. Darlyn! 😍 We wouldn’t have BDJ without her. ❤

4. Tried the Surf Ride and I failed. Haha. It was so much fun though.

5. I got a free makeup makeover from Celeteque. Voila! All my blemishes are gone. 😁

6. As someone who likes bags a lot, one ofthe booths I like is from Parisian. They had raffled off bags but, unfortunately, I didn’t win. 💔

7. I won a tub of Creamy Parmesan popcorn from Chef Tony! Thank you, Chef Tony! ❤

8. Look at these sweet treats from Mrs. Fields! 😍 These brownies are sooo yummy. Also, their twice-baked cookies.

9. I tried bungee jumping for the first time. So, please, let me scream. Haha!

Just some of the highlights of my BDJ Fair 2016 experience. I seriously wished I took more photos. Anyway, there’s still another BDJ Fair next year. See you there! 😊


7 thoughts on “Highlights of the BDJ Fair 2016 

  1. way to go sis! I still remember my first time at the BDJ Fair 2 years ago..trying the Bungee thingy and I couldn’t take another round ever again. I guess, one try is enough for a frightened girl like me.. I enjoyed screaming just like you.. lolz


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