First Week of 2017

And just like that! Days passed by quickly that we’re now on 2017’s 2nd week. I could say I had a great week last week and I’d like to thank my friends, family and boyfriend for it.

Here goes my first week of the year:

  • Jan. 1st, Sunday. When the clock struck midnight, we had our media noche! We had paella, adobo, grilled fish, buko pandan, pansit, beef tapa, mango float, etc.  Thanks to my sister for preparing all the yummy food. ❤ After that, my sister, Claire, and I watched random YouTube videos, like documentaries and vlogs, until 7 AM.
  • Jan. 2nd, Monday. After almost 8 years, I got reunited with my friend/classmate (from elementary to high school), Rogelyn, and her cousin Alaine (whom who still wants to be called Ashty) haha! We went to Venice Piazza in McKinley Hill, Taguig City and had our late lunch at Zark’s Burger. Click here to see more photos. 

  • Jan. 3rd, Tuesday. I felt so down during this day because I feel like I haven’t achieved anything yet in my life. It’s because of the things I see online that made me question myself of where I am now in life. But I’m thankful for Andy for seeing the best in me and motivating me. He even wrote this for me, “

In the deepest moments of doubt..I hope you will know..My love..That your story is only just beginning..There are so many chapters yet to write with all the hearts you’ve touched..Those you granted the warmth of your sweetest smile and though all your dreams seem so far..I will always be with you..Share your burdens no matter how far..

” ❤


  • Jan. 4th, Wednesday. Aah! I’m so happy! My friend, Lucky, gave me Starbucks planner and it’s beautiful. I love it! I’ll show you some photos soon. 😊 But here’s a photo of what the cover looks like.
  • Jan. 5th, Thursday. I met up with Wendy (used to be my officemate). She brought me to Ayala Triangle to see the lights. It’s so beautiful and bright and it was my first time! We then had dinner at Bon Chon (my fave!) 
  • Jan. 6th, Friday. Today, I volunteered to help one of the staff. So most of the time that day, I was at the banks doing encashment and paying company bills. I even made a mistake on one of the cheques so they required me to write a letter with my boss’ signature. I hope I’ll be able to solve the problem tomorrow, Monday. Yay! Haha!  // Also, I signed up on Goodreads’ Reading Challenge. 📚 I’m challenging myself to read 15 books this year. 😊
  • Jan. 7th, Saturday. I was on my way home from work but Wendy called. Asking if I’d like to meet up. Of course, I said yes. She’s one of my favorite people. ❤ I insisted we should have dinner at Mang Inasal because I haven’t eaten there in a long time and I miss there grilled chicken. 😊 She agreed! We had a lovely dinner while talking about each other’s work. ❤ (We weren’t able to take a photo together, though.)

So this was how my week went. Had a little drama but the rest of the days were pure happiness! 


How did your first week of 2017 go? 

10 thoughts on “First Week of 2017

  1. Wonderful first week dear 🙂 🙂 My first week went amazing. I am also doing a similar post like this at the end of each week to keep me on track with my goals ❤ ❤ It will be good to look back on as well . I wish you a happy and successful year this year x x


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