Starbucks Planner 2017

Hello! As promised, I’ll be showing you pages of my Starbucks planner. This planner was given to me by my friend, Lucky. ❤ I’m so grateful and happy!

I got the coffee stain design and this is what the cover looks like. It also comes with a cloth pouch (that matches the planner’s cover), magnetic bookmark and erasable pen.

This planner offers a weekly page and Notes page after each week. 

Every month, it has pages for a mini challenge too where you can take a photo and post on your social media.

Starbucks coupons! I haven’t used any yet, though. Soon. 🙂

And at the back of the planner, it has a pouch where I put the Starbucks stickers and magnetic bookmark (because I don’t use it. Heh)

I love this planner! The weekly page and Notes page is perfect for me as I make my planner as my journal, too.


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