The Happy List // January 2017

Happy February to you all!
The month that I’ve been waiting for is finally here! Why? It’s because I’ll be with Andy again. For those who do not know, I’m in a long distance relationship. Nine months ago, we met for the first time in Taiwan and we had an amazing 14 days together. This February, he’ll visit me here in the Philippines and I’m so excited! ❤

Anyway, this January, I had a lot of fun memories – big and small. I’m so glad January flew by smoothly leaving me things to be happy and thankful about. 🔹I reunited with my friends after almost 8 years! We went to Venice Piazza Grand Canal Mall in McKinley Hill. Read here.

🔹 Happy because I have my boyfriend who sees the best in me and also motivates me. ❤

🔹 My first time to own a Starbucks planner. Thank you so much to my friend Lucky. ❤More photos here.

🔹 After all these years of living here in Manila, it was only this year that I got to experience this annual event, Christmas lights at Ayala Triangle. 🎄

🔹 My sister, Claire, cooked bulalo! It’s our first bulalo of the year and it was soooo good that I ate a lot. 🤗

🔹 Feeling excited and happy planning all the trips Andy and I will have. I’m excited to show him some beautiful spots here in the Philippines. 🇵🇭

🔹 Knowing that two of my favorite travel bloggers, Kach and Jonathan of, will come here in the Philippines got me really excited. They’ll also have a meet up in a few weeks. 😍

🔹 I joined Goodreads Reading Challenge. I challenge myself to read 15 books this year and I’m on my fourth book already. I’m currently reading Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman: 24 Stories by Haruki Murakami.

🔹 My Lola (Filipino/Tagalog word for grandmother) visited us! I haven’t seen her in a looong time. 

🔹 I passed the exam and interview of the Department of Education. I’ll finally work with the government! This has been my goal ever since I passed the Civil Service exam.

🔹 Video call with Andy is always a happy one. He never fail to make me smile and laugh. ❤

🔹 Met one of my college friends, Rochelle, again. ❤

🔹 Happy I was able to sleep some more last January 28th. Haha! No work for me because it was Chinese Lunar New Year. 🎉 It was like I had two days off from work. 😆

That’s it! Joyful January it is. 😊  May you all had an amazing first month of the year, too! ❤

What made you happy last January? Or your most memorable moment? Share in the comments below. 😉

9 thoughts on “The Happy List // January 2017

  1. Congratulations on passing your exam! That’s wonderful!

    I guess I missed your earlier Happy List posts (unless this is your first one?!) but this is a really lovely idea. I’ve been trying to focus on making 2017 a more positive year than 2016 was so I always appreciate reading posts like this one by the bloggers I follow. 😊


  2. wow, good positivity booster! I am also writing things that makes me happy as a part of my goal to build a happy year. And congratulations on your new job! I also took the Civil Service exam last March 12 and I hope everything will turn out great.


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