Love > Distance: Together Again // Andy’s First Time Here in Manila

I’ve been with Andy for almost a week now and I’m so happy to be with him again after being away from each other for the past 9 months. Looking back, I feel like it’s so far away. All the waiting and video calls. It was hard. I miss him terribly everyday.

But here we are! Together again! A week longer than our Taiwan trip 9 months ago as he’ll stay here in Manila for 21 days. Yep, he’s here in Manila for the first time! ❀

Below is a daily recordΒ of what we’ve been up to:

February 22nd. Andy’s first day here in Manila! Because I went to the doctor first that morning, he waited for me at the airport for almost 45 minutes and he’s complaining about the heat here already. Haha! I was soooo happy seeing him. 😍 Waited for 9 months to finally hug him again!Β 

We then went to our Airbnb place and it’s so beautiful! We were able to book an apartment at the 48th floor and the view is amazing! We have the view of the sunrise too that is so beautiful every morning.

For dinner that night, I took him to Bon Chon. It’s one of my favorite and I’m glad he likes it there too. We ordered fried chicken and fish & chips.

February 23rd. We went to SM Mall of Asia and I toured him around. But first, we bought a pair ofΒ tsinelas for him. πŸ˜‚ It was funny because he’s not used to it. I then showed him some spots where I always go and I then took him to seaside. It was so hot as it was around 1pm but Andy was a good sport not complaining at all (doesn’t even want to use umbrella).

After that, we went to my niece’s school. There’s an event and my sisters will be there so I took this chance for Andy to meet my sisters. I’m happy they welcomed Andy warmly. ❀

This is also the day that Andy got to eat his first ever BALUT!! (That’s a must when in Manila/Philippines.πŸ˜›) He liked it that he wants some more!! Will grant his wish again soon. Haha! Β 

And for dinner, I prepared one of Philippines’ dish – tinola. He loved it!! I loved how it turned out too so I ate a lot that night. πŸ˜‚


I don’t want this post to be very long so I’ll just continue on the next post. πŸ™‚ Thank you for reading.

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