Love > Distance: Together Again // a trip to National Museum

February 24th. We started our day with a breakfast at Mang Inasal. I ordered grilled chicken. Andy ordered grilled chicken too but with a side of palabok and lumpia. I don’t usually eat palabok, I don’t know why, but I gave it a try again and it was good! I’ll order the next time. I always have a full tummy every time I leave Mang Inasal.

After our breakfast, we  went to Paco Park. We took the MRT to Taft Avenue and took another train, LRT, to U.N. Avenue. Paco Park is only a small park but it’s full of history, too. Andy likes history so he didn’t mind. Plus, I went there before alone and I video called with him. So to him, it was nice to finally be on that place where he only saw on pictures before.

After spending a half hour at the park, we headed to Rizal Park. It was interesting for him and he enjoyed the wide park. We also had a dirty ice cream as it was very hot that day. It’s his first time to have dirty ice cream!

We were only half way of Rizal Park that we decided to go to National Museum. Fun fact: it’s his first time to ever enter a museum! I’m very happy he enjoyed the museum and it was really cute to see him enjoying all the galleries. 😊

Ifugao house

We then went back to Rizal Park again. This is the Rizal Monument. (With Philippines’ national photobomber – the white building in the background)

After a whole day of touring, we decided to eat first before going home. There’s Chowking near UN Avenue station and we ordered these… Fried pork chop for Andy and fried chicken for me. With pansit canton, chicharap, siomai, buchi and rice.

So that was pretty much it. πŸ˜‰ I enjoyed this tour as I’ve seen new galleries at National Museum that I haven’t seen since the last time I visited it.


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