13 reasons why he loves me

Hello! πŸ™‚

It’s April 30th and it’s my birthday! Though as of writing it’s already 11:32 PM so I still have less than 30 minutes. 😊 I spent my birthday with my family – we had lunch at home where my sisters prepared dishes and desserts, we then went to church and then went to the mall. I’m thankful!

Andy’s gift for me. ❀️

I’m in LDR. Some of you may have known that already, though. 😊 Though it’s sad that he’s not here with me to celebrate, I’m still thankful because we were able to video call. (We don’t video call everyday because of my lack of wifi most of the times. Lol) He also sent me a present and that’s so sweet of him! For me, though, the sweetest part is where he greeted me on Facebook with a list of 13 reasons why he loves me. Such a sweet gesture and I cried while reading it. I miss him terribly! (We were together last Feb-Mar 2017)

I wanted to post the list here in my blog because I don’t want to lose it and also to share to the world how lucky I am to be loved by him. I don’t know what I did to deserve him. ❀️

Here goes:

13 reasons why I love you…

1) You never asked about my past the first day we met

2) You didn’t judge me for all that happened in my past

3) That sweet way you always smile

4) You don’t forget to say I love you even after the most painful tears you cry

5) You do your best to keep our love through the hardest times

6) You don’t complain about the way I talk about things but rather embrace it

7) You trusted my love from the start without a shred of doubt

8) You hold my hand with all the love in your heart

9) You show that I actually matter

10) You listen closely the words I speak with your beautiful eyes

11) You joyfully spend the time that we have wherever we are

12) You waited outside for me at islas resort..that was so sweet

13) Because there is no one that accepts me like you do ❀️

Thank you so much,Β Andy! You never fail to make me feel so loved. ❀️ I love you! And let’s continue to have faith that we will be together for good soon.

Birthday selfie with the fam. ❀️
My birthday cake. Thank you, family! ❀️
Sunset. This photo was taken before we went to church. I had a great day. Thank you, Jesus. ❀️

24 thoughts on “13 reasons why he loves me

  1. This was so sweet of him! What a great way to be active in your life even though your not reunited right now! I’m in a long distance relationship too. I have been with Haydn for over a year now and its just crazy. LDR DOES WORK!


  2. Love can move mountains! Charr❀❀❀
    You’re very lucky to have him ate sweet(sabe sakin ni nanay yan). I’m looking forward for the wedding day😍. HAHAAHAHAHALOL! I nominate my self to be the ring bearerπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Happy birthday!

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  3. What a sweet and loving gesture…LDR absolutely can be just as intimate and romantic as any other…we just need to be a little more creative!! 😍😘 And happy belated birthday!!


  4. Aww…That’s a tough one. I wish you well, girl. Not just in your relationship but in other aspects of your life as well. God bless you. Nice blog! I love the way you keep it real. By the way, I was born in April too! πŸ˜€


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