The Happy List | Vol. 07

Happy weekend everyone! 😊

Here I am again with my happy list. I think the last time I wrote one was last January? But I was inspired to make one again after reading Rosemarie’s posts about her happy things. By the way, Rosemarie is a new friend I met on Instagram and she owns a blog too. You may visit her blog here.

Here goes my happy list :

  1. It’s only the month of May but I’m on my 15th book for Goodreads Reading Challenge already. This 2017, I challenged myself to read 15 books. Why only 15 books though? At first, I thought I wouldn’t have time to read because of my previous work. But around February ’til April, I got to read more because I resigned from work. I have a new work now so I’m slow in reading again. Haha! I’m currently reading Slammed by Colleen Hoover.
  2. And speaking of new work, I finally got a job from the government. Ever since I passed the Civil Service exam last 2015, it has been my goal. I started with my new work at one of the public schools as an Administrative Assistant for Senior High School. Yesterday, all the newly hired employees had a meeting/orientation and it was nice to meet them.
  3. I celebrated my birthday last week and I loved it. 😊 Turned a year older but of course I’m still young at heart. Haha! Sweetest thing happened though was when Andy wrote me 13 reasons why he loves me and you can read it here.
  4. A week ago, I attended a talk at SM Makati. The speakers were Kryz Uy, Laureen Uy and Nicole Andersson. They’re AKA Blogger Besties. 😁 aah! 😍 It was so nice to see them again! During the talk, they talked about what to buy or must haves during summer (because it’s summer here in the Philippines), how to style your clothes, tips in taking OOTD photos and they also shared some applications they use for their photos. ❤️ 
  5. Before I started with my new work, I’m happy I got to get out of the house with my niece. We’d go to malls or seaside, take photos, eat and have some fun. I also taught  her how to take photos. Haha! And she’s a fast learner! 
  6. Preparing meals for my family. Recent favorite is tinola. My sisters said it was really good 😁 and this made me remember too when Andy was here in Manila because I prepared it for him too during one of our dinners.
  7. In my previous job, we had to work on Saturdays. But in my new job, I get to have the weekends for myself. ❤️
  8. Have you heard of Eyeem? “EyeEm builds technology to showcase the best images from the world’s leading photo community. We reinvent the way brands and agencies license authentic, royalty-free images and share all revenue with the creators.” (source) I just learned about it last month. There are a lot of great photographers there and I’m inspired to up my game too in photography. Mobile photography specifically because I don’t have my own camera yet. 😊 You can check my account and see the photos I took. (I accept constructive criticism.) 😉 There are a lot of great photos there but I hope I’d get to sell some of my photos too.
  9. Lastly, I’m proud to share that Andy and I celebrated our 2nd year together. 😍 Happy anniversary, love! We may not be together now but let’s celebrate it when we see each other again. I love you! 😘

What made you happy recently? Share them below and let’s spread the happy vibes to whoever will read this. 😊


17 thoughts on “The Happy List | Vol. 07

  1. Congratulations on your desired government job. May you enjoy it and feel rewarded in all ways. Congratulations, too, on your relationship and all other achievements.


  2. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for the shoutout! Also thank you for introducing EyeEm. Your photos are great 🙂


  3. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I will be counting my blessings on my blog, just like you did here! 😉


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