For The Love of Kdrama 

May 27, 2017

I haven’t seen Wendy (a friend and former colleague) in a long time, for almost four months, I guess. But for the love of kdrama, we finally decided to meet again.

Around 11:00 AM, we met at a fast food restaurant. How I miss her! We then went to her office to get the copies of Pinocchio (kdrama). I have started with the first five episodes already last week but I didn’t have episodes 6 to 20. Their office was nice and wide. They have strong wifi signal (something that I don’t have at work yet. Haha), pantry with swing couches, pretty receiving area for clients/visitors and other cool amenities. After the office tour, I almost wanted to work with them. Haha! 

Back to the kdramas, she sent me other kdramas that she got from Telling me that they’re something good and that I should watch. Most of the talk we had at their office was about Korea, Korean actors and actresses and kdramas. 😝 Hoping to go to Korea someday.

After we’re done at their office, we went back to the mall and had lunch at Yoshinoya – a Japanese restaurant. It was around 2:00 PM already. We had bento meals with tempura, rice, macaroni salad and dessert. We also had gyoza, siumai, miso soup (for Wendy), and red and green iced teas. It was a satisfying lunch! We only even spent around ₱250.00 each. Let me also add that it was my first time to have gyoza. 🙈 

We were already full but Wendy wanted to try bingsu so bad. So, we had another dessert at Ho Bing. Not my first time to have bingsu as I’ve had mango bingsu in Taiwan before. Wendy ordered Banana Mango Bingsu (₱210.00) and I ordered Chocolate Cookies Bingsu (₱180.00). We both ordered the regular size but we thought it was good for two people. It was yummy, actually, but I wasn’t able to finish mine because I’m so full already from the lunch we had. Though, even if I wasn’t full, I think their serving was meant for sharing. 

Every time I’m with Wendy, it’s always about food. Haha! We always part ways with full stomach. And it was really nice catching up with her. ❤️

P.S I finally bought a flower crown. I always loved the one I saw in Forever 21 but I thought it was pricey. When Wendy and I were at the mall, we passed by the department store and saw the different designs of flower crowns. I couldn’t help myself but to buy one! 😍


14 thoughts on “For The Love of Kdrama 

  1. Lmao I love food and the bento looks amazing. I can’t believe you’ve never had gyoza! Did you like it? Every place seems to make them slightly different.
    And that’s a huge dessert! I would definitely love to try it!


  2. What a sumptuous lunch you had, made me miss Yoshinoya even more as their branch here in Naga already closed down for good. And their food is really affordable too considering the big serving and quality.. =)


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