Last Saturday, June 3rd, Elaine and I attended the Bloggers United in Makati. Bloggers United for me is always fun that I don’t want to miss it. And thanks to the organizers, they always make sure to set the event every weekend. This year, at the 13th installment of BU, there were more new b/vloggers that joined which is great. As well as more brand sponsors!

Six reasons why I love Bloggers United 13

1. I was with Elaine againย 

This would be in my top list of course. I haven’t seen her since October last year so I’m really ecstatic to know that she’s not going out of town (she’s always traveling!) on that day. We went together and had loads of fun! Prior to the day of the event, we chatted and decided to go twinning with our outfits. We agreed on wearing white top, skirt and white shoes.

2. Meeting the b/vloggersย 

Rhea Bue
Camie Juan
Ex-PBB housemate AWRA
Ex-PBB housemate BANINAY
Vern and Verniece Enciso
Kryz Uy


As I’ve mentioned earlier, there were new b/vloggers who joined the event that gave me the chance to meet them (PBB Housemates Awra and Baninay) for the first time because as for me, it’s always so much better to meet and have a little chat with them in real life. I love how friendly they were towards their followers/blog readers. They always took time to have a little chat and pose for the camera. What I love the most, though, is that they even remember our names.

3. Sponsors’ booths

Brand sponsors’ games are fun to join with and they all have freebies. They’re approachable too even though you’d only want a free taste! Haha! We never got hungry and thirsty because of it. Also, hooray to Elaine for winning a bag (with 20 boxes) of Pepero! ๐Ÿ™Œ

4. Food stalls outside the event venueย 

Before we went home, I bought a meal from Taipei Kita. Their meals were almost sold out when I approached so I figured it must be really good. They even gave me a discount. ๐Ÿ‘Œ I bought stir-fried veggies with wagyu fats and oh boy! It was soooo good! (I never had wagyu to compare to so this was a great experience) The food was really good but the only disappointment I experienced from them though is that they’re slow in serving the food. They’re a little disorganized. I even had to remind one of them about the order I made. (Sorry, Taipei Kita. I just had to say that.)

5. Cheap preloved clothes

For the first time in my visits I didn’t buy anything! ๐Ÿ˜‚ My excuse was that there were a lot of people so I wasn’t in the mood to browse the racks and tables, but some of the bloggers pre-loved clothes and accessories were really, really cheap.

6. Live music

It's @giolevy here at #BU13 โค๏ธ #BackToCool

A post shared by Bloggers United (@bloggersunitedph) on

Bloggers United invited Gio Levy (a Filipino-Canadian singer/songwriter) and Bry Flores to perform. Their songs were music to my ears. โค

This has been a memorable Bloggers United like every year and I eagerly await for the next event!


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