The Happy List | Vol. 08

It’s been raining for days now and I love it! Though, it’s a little inconvenient because i go to work walking in it, this long weekend made up for it. It can rain all it want because I’m only staying at home with my hot chocolate drink and Korean dramas. And another thing I’m thankful about this rain is it gives a cool weather. What’s the weather in your area now?

Also, students are back to school. Seeing them makes me miss my high school life and friends.

Anyway, here’s my happy list:

1. I recently marked my first month at work. Work has been good for me. There are days that I’m busy especially during enrolment but there are days too that I’m not doing much. Teachers and other non-teaching personnel were friendly towards me too.

2. This is a little mundane but I’m happy that I found my go-to filter for my IG photos. In Foodie app, I use the BBQ1 filter.

@glaizabinayas on IG

3. My sister recently graduated and got her master’s degree in Mathematics. So proud of her!

4. My dressmaker is done making my uniforms for work! I’m finally wearing them starting next week. I’m relieved because there are days that I wouldn’t know what to wear. Haha!

5. A few days ago, I was challenged to make a layout (for the front page) of invitations for a school programme. I didn’t have an experience with doing those but I think I did fine because they were okay with it. πŸ˜‚ I also only used Paint and Microsoft Word.

6. Two of the students at work gave me three pencils (because they lost my pencil days ago). I didn’t expect it because I told them that I didn’t mind the lost pencil but it was really sweet of them to do so. ❀️

Thank you Benjo and Joyce. ❀️

7. Successfully deactivated a WiFi postpaid plan! No more debt! πŸ™Œ These days I only use mobile data and because I have a prepaid sim, it’s a little affordable.

8. My aunt and cousins from Iloilo visited and stayed with us for a couple of days. I was so pleased because I haven’t seen them for almost 10 years! ❀️

9. Met up with Wendy that I haven’t seen in a long time! We had lunch together and had our first bingsu (a Korean desset). I actually blogged about it. Read here.

10. Andy is shy for people to know that he’s reading the romance novels I ask him to read. He didn’t know that I appreciate it so much when he takes my book suggestions seriously. ❀️ I asked him before to read Me Before You by Jojo Moyes amd he was able to finish it. Recently, I asked him to read It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover but I don’t know if he’s almost finished. Haha. I guess not but it’s okay. I also asked him to watch a romantic Korean movie, A Moment To Remember, and he loved it! 😍

11. In a month, I finished watching two Korean dramas and I loved them – Pinocchio and School: Who Are You. 😍 I just started with another kdrama entitled Let’s Fight Ghost. I might take a hiatus of watching kdrama after that though because I don’t have time to read anymore. Haha!

12. Do you remember when I talked about Eyeem? After two months of posting photos, five of them are now selected for premium and others are On Market. I hope companies would buy my photos. I’d be happy to earn even a little from it. 🀞

13. Went to Bloggers United with my friend Elaine! 😍 It’s so fun meeting the bloggers behind the blogs that I love to read. Read my post about it here.

14. Do you know what an Instagram pod is? It’s like a group chat in Instagram to meet new people and support each other by engaging in one another’s IG post. ❀️ It’s so nice to be a part of it and seeing all the girls support each other. The girls were very friendly, too.

That’s all for the mean time. ☺️ So many good things happened these past few days and I hope it will be always like this. How about you? What made you happy recently? πŸ™‚


19 thoughts on “The Happy List | Vol. 08

    • Hello! I used Canva. It’s a really niiiice app. I love it. πŸ‘

      And yup, I totally agree with you. Even though I’ve watched it long time ago, I still remember how it felt. Soo sad.


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