Meeting Friends + OOTD

Do you have friends on social media that you haven’t met yet? I have a lot! But the best part is, I met some of them last June 24th, 2017. But first, here’s my OOTD that day as Elaine and I attended an event.  

It was BDJ’s event partnered with Wacoal. Defining our body shape, importance of dressing according to body shape, must-have items for each body shape, choosing the correct undergarments for each body shape and capsule wardrobe was just some of the topic discussed. And since the venue was a restaurant, there were food – yummy foods!
Meeting online friend #1 was unexpected. She was just sitting on the couch and when we locked eyes, we had this hey-I-know-you face. 😂 We only had a quick chat but it was nice to meet someone I’ve known only in IG for some time now and I have a feeling I’ll see her again in future BDJ events. 
After that, Elaine and I went to another event, Unarosa’s, where we met Diana and Trisha (online friends #2 and #3). We had our pictures taken, had wine and watched the models walk the runway showcasing Unarosa’s latest collection.

Diana, Elaine, me & Trish 🌸

I’m thrilled to be with these ladies. Not just they’re all gorgeous, they were fun to be with too. 
After the event, we went to a café, had coffee and talked about ourselves. We got to know each other better and from then, we all know we’d be besties for life. 💖

It was a fun day!

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