5 Reasons Why I Had a Great Shopping Experience with BeautyMNL + HAUL

We at BeautyMNL want you to feel your most beautiful. Every. Single. Day.

Filipina beauty is perhaps the most diverse in the world. We are a tribe of morenas, mestizas, and chinitas. Our hair falls in thick curls, gentle waves, or pin-straight sheets. Our smiles have made us famous in other countries, whether they’re framed by lips full or thin. No two Filipinas are alike—and that’s the most awesome thing about being one of us.

Our beauty doesn’t fit the mold—it breaks it. So it’s not hard to imagine why, in a world steeped in Photoshopped images and unattainable standards of perfection, it can be a challenge to appreciate our own look. And we know this, because we’re one of you, too! source:BeautyMNL

I’ve been seeing BeautyMNL on IG as people I follow often tag them but it never occurred to me to shopwith them before. That’s one of my regrets because it turned out, after shopping from their site; I had lots of reasons why I love them and that I should shop from them again soon.

They have a wide range of skincare and makeup products from cult favorites to local brands. I was also happy to see some Korean products from their shop. They also have accessories!

Here are the top 5 reasons why I had a great shopping experience with BeautyMNL:

🌀 Products have reviews. With these reviews, I get a glimpse of how the product is to others. You’d read they’re honest reviews too as some people posts the cons of the certain product. I know that there are instances that products may work for them but not for my skin type, but it’s still good to hear from other people’s experiences.

🌀 Mobile and user friendly. I used my phone when I shopped from their website and everything was smooth. There wasn’t a lot of annoying pop-ups and it has a responsive design.

🌀 Cheap shipping fee. Their shipping fee is only Php 50.00 wherever you are in the Philippines. That’s very cheap and you’ll even get free shipping promo of you spend ₱1500+.

🌀 Next day delivery. I was so thrilled about this because I was really excited to get my hands on the products I bought. When you’re around Metro Manila, they deliver within the next business day (does not include Saturday and Sunday) and true enough I got mine around 3:00 PM the next day. (When you’re outside Metro Manila, they deliver within 3 to 5 business days and that do not include Saturday and Sunday.)

🌀 Free stuff. When I checked my cart after shopping, I noticed I got 1 complimentary Bulgarian Rose Rose Hand Cream for free! How generous of BeautyMNL! They also have an ongoing promos from time to time so watch out for those.

My BeautyMNL Haul:

Here are the products I bought from their shop. If you want to buy the exact same products, I linked the names to thei direct link.

🎈 Tresemme Hair Conditioner Keratin Smooth 600ml

FAST FACTS: Calms down frizz with a conditioning formula infused with smoothing Keratin; deeply nourishes each strand to leave hair salon-sleek and gorgeously manageable; gentle enough for color-treated hair; thick and creamy with mild, heavenly scent

🎈 Bulgarian Rose Rose Hand Cream (FREE) and Lavender & Honey Hand Cream

FAST FACTS: Protects, moisturizes, and smoothens skin; maintains skin elasticity and softness with regular use; repairs and revitalizes skin exhibiting signs of aging; formulated with lavender extract, honey extract, cocoa butter, allantoin, glycerin, and vitamin E

🎈 2-in-1 Eyebrow Pencil with Eyebrow Brush in Soft Black

FAST FACTS: Highly pigmented formula draws, outlines, and shades brows; water drop-shaped pencil easily defines brow hairs; handy brow brush grooms straying, unruly hairs and blends color; enables quick and easy eyebrow shaping

🎈 COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch (24 Patches)

FAST FACTS: Soothes blemishes and reduces redness; infused with hydrocolloid to coax out deep-rooted pimples, speeding up their life cycle; protects skin against further infection; leaves the complexion clear and spotless

🎈 Esfolio Aloe Essence Mask Sheets

FAST FACTS: Nourishes, softens, and smoothens with aloe barbadensis extract; calms and relieves irritated, inflamed skin; boosts elasticity while delivering a firming action; deeply hydrates with chaenomeles sinensis fruit extract; protects against free radical damage with portulaca oleracea extract; purifies and energizes with panax ginseng root extract

Lastly, I’m inviting you to browse their in-house magazine Bloom and their review sections, Beauty By You.

My favorite articles from their magazine, Bloom, are as follows :

🌸 Watch: 5 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older

🌸 Watch: How to Look Fresh Without Foundation

🌸 The Editors Answer: How to Reduce Blackheads + More Customer Questions

🌸 5 Ways to Prevent Pimples When You Travel

🌸 Customer Recos: 10 Makeup Bases That Feel Like Nothing on Your Face

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing this for you. I’m enjoying using the products I got too. 😍 Will definitely shop with BeautyMNL again.


18 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Had a Great Shopping Experience with BeautyMNL + HAUL

  1. Looking at the products on their website and seeing if they have men’s products too, Great review! Happy you found a local source for all your shopping needs ^.^


  2. Hi there,
    Though m from India and has nothing to do with your post, but I liked the way you explained and helped out those who are in need. I have so many Filipino friends in dubai and they really do take care of their skin and hair.
    Well thanks alot and keep helping through your medium.


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