How happy I was to be with my cousin again after almost five years!

My cousin is having a job training here in Manila for three weeks and I was excited to see her again that I offered to pick her (and her colleagues) up from the airport. Upon seeing her, the first thing I noticed is that she has grown taller. Way taller than me and she’s only 22 (I’m 26).

Before she flew here in Manila, she sent me a list of places where she wanted to visit. So, last July 8th, together with my sisters, niece and nephew, and another cousin, we went to go sightseeing and took lots of pictures.

We first went to SM Aura, to the garden the mall has. We didn’t do anything else but take pictures. Haha!

We then went to Bonifacio High Street and took pictures again. Even my sisters loved the tour as they don’t ofthen go there. (I used to work near the area.) The kids were clamoring that they’re hungry already too so we went to Bonchon to eat.

Then after 4pm, we decided to go to Venice Grand Canal Mall. The place where my cousin was the most excited to go to. Since it’s a weekend, it was a little crowded. Nevertheless, it was still a beautiful place to go to and dine. I still haven’t tried riding in one of their gondolas but I hope I’d get to next time.

Our last stop was at SM Mall of Asia since the kids are tired already, we only had dinner there and left for home.

My cousin loved that day because she got to rest from thinking about her training and exams. I loved it too because I got to go to BGC again and be with my family.

My cousin is leaving Manila today and she’ll go back to Iloilo. I’m happy that she made new memories here and I hope she’ll come back soon.



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