September 2017

Happy October!

I’m so envious of all you guys who are experiencing autumn/fall right now. (We only have two seasons.) But to also feel like I’m experiencing fall, I changed my wallpaper to a photo of pumpkins! It’s so gorgeous! 😍

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing with you some memories I had last month. Scanning my planner/journal, I noticed, I wrote that I had busy days at work. With all the exams and awarding for the students, plus my daily tasks, it was indeed a busy month for me. I even got sick (I have cough until now.) But aside all these, September has been good! I was able to make great memories that I thought I’d summarize it all here. πŸ™‚ Let’s start!

✨ 2nd : I attended the Cosmo Beauty Block with Elaine at SM Megamall. It’s an event for all beauty lovers and one would get to take home exclusive products and also there were booths where you get to experience the brand’s services and products. I also met Say Tioco (Youtube vlogger) and Shaira Luna (photographer).

✨ 6th : Last Sept. 4, it was mine and Andy’s anniversary and I freaking forgot about it because I was so focused at work. It was only when he was about to sleep that he greeted me. I felt so bad but he was very nice to understand my situation. And the next day, he ordered a bouquet, chocolates and bear for me and had it delivered at work. So sweet!

✨ 11th : I’m so happy to be one of StyleGenie’s ambassadresses! StyleGenie is the first ever styling and clothing subscription box in the Philippines. Days later, I received a gift from them that I’ll blog about soon! For a sneak peek, here’s a skirt I got from them. Here’s also my code if you want to order a box or subscribe monthly, SGGLAIZA.

✨16th : I met up with my college friend, Alona! I missed her so much! We haven’t seen each other for over a year and after catching up over the yummy dinner we had, it was only then that I learned that her family has gone through tough times. 😦 I’m happy that they’re recovering now though and I hope her father’s health will improve so much better soon.

✨ 19th : An early Christmas gift from my friend, Rosemarie, arrived! So sweet of her! She gifted me this round rattan bag and it’s so beautiful! Been using this for the nth time since then. Thank you so much, sis! See you next year. ❀️

✨ 21st : Met up with my friend, Tina, who just came back from her solo trip in Hong Kong. I’m happy and proud of this girl because it’s her first time to leave the country and even went alone! She told me stories about her experiences in HK, especially in Disneyland. We also spent the day taking pictures (oh! Of course. Haha)

✨ 22nd : Melody (my workmate) was so sweet to treat me at Zarks! We had burgers and fries. It was so good! We then roam around the department store and went to the kid’s section where we saw lots of clothes that we’re very sure fit us. Haha! We didn’t buy any though. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Next time. 😁

✨ 24th : My niece, Iyah, and I attended a DIY arts and crafts workshop. We were taught how to make paper gems, paper bags, boxes and ribbons. It was fun! 😍 We both enjoyed the said event. Thank you Ms. Tippy of Googlygooeys for assisting us. Thank you also to the sponsors of the event – Canon and Chicken Deli. πŸ’•

✨ 27th : Don’t roll your eyes, guys, but I’d like to include here about IOS 11 πŸ˜† I just love that there’s now Screen Recording!! πŸ’•

✨ 30th : Brand collaboration! 😍 but I’ll only talk about this next time. Right now, I’m just happy that another opportunity arrive.

That’s it, guys! Was it a long post? πŸ˜† September has indeed been a great month and I’m excited to what October will bring. My planner/journal is now ready for some good and bad entries that might happen this month.

Thank you to all the people who made my September great!

How about you? How did your September went? Share something below, I’d love toread it!

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