Geneo+ Facial at Skinoveau

Skin care is one of the most important ways to keep our bodies healthy and shining. I’m so glad I discovered the one place that can help me with exactly just that especially since I’ve been having problems with pimples and blemishes that have made me feel unconfident around others.

Franchise Asia Skinoveau


I’d like to introduce to you Skinoveau. “SKINOVEAU, a franchise company of Beauty Source, Inc., is a professional skin blemish removal center that specializes in the non-invasive, cream cautery-based removal of skin blemishes such as warts, moles, fat deposits, acne, scars, keloids, freckles, and other skin imperfections, through the use of a patented cream with fruit extract that has been proven safe, effective and fast healing with customer testimonials to back its claim.” (source: Pinoy Entrepreneur)

A month ago, I had my first appointment with them. They offer a number of services including Geneo+ and RF Cavitation among others. All these terms may seem overwhelming but after watching videos and research I knew they would be the best treatment for my skin type.


Mary Grace, my aesthetician, started with a general cleansing of my face to soothingly remove dead skin cells through the process of exfoliation. This process is totally painless-free. I also like how light Mary Grace’s hand is on my face. It was truly relaxing especially with the soothing music in the background. Truly bliss!

Next, we proceeded with RF Cavitation. This is to help tighten the pores and for face slimming by process of heat which may new to some, Mary Grace took great care to check on how comfortable I was through the process which took roughly 20 minutes. I was perfectly relaxed through the entire process.

Lastly, I received the infusion of NeoRevive and NeoBright. Things that my face was in need of and as mentioned earlier, they’re anti-aging and brightening. The process stung a bit as I had an exfoliation beforehand but as the saying goes “tiis ganda!”. Totally worth it!

Overall, this is the kind of facial I liked the most. Very effective if you want a brighter and blemish-free face as a lot of people (especially at work) noticed the changes on my face. My sisters also said I now have a cleaner face. I’m so loving all these compliments! 🙂 After the Geneo+ treatment, I also had a mani and pedi session and a foot and hand massage. So happy to be treated like a princess in this clinic.

The question that I’m sure some of you have, is will I go back and highly recommend this clinic? Absolutely! I would love for you all to experience this amazing place and leave me your thoughts on the comment below, after all, we all deserve to feel pampered. I’m excited to go back again for more amazing results!

Beauty Directory:

SKINOVEAU ~San Lorenzo Place Branch

2nd Floor, Tower 4, San Lorenzo Place, EDSA cor. Chino Roces, Makati


6 thoughts on “Geneo+ Facial at Skinoveau

  1. Glad to see a post from you. I was concerned with all that had happened in the Phillipines.

    Regarding your skin, the skin reflects if your colon is healthy and functional . If your colon is clogged up from a bad diet, irregularity or stress, your skin will out picture that with blemishes.

    Glad you treated yourself.


    • Thank you Katelon. The war in the south and the storms are terrible. :/

      I learned to go see a doctor to know what’s happening inside my body too. And then treat both inside and what’s outside especially on my face. I’m trying to eat healthy too and I now go to the gym to workout. 🙂 hoping for good results.


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