First Time Seeing Cherry Blossom Trees

Last February 15, 2018, I flew back to Taiwan to be with my boyfriend again. (On why we chose Taiwan of me going to Canada instead, you may read it here.) It was such an exciting day for me. Prior to the flight, I haven’t seen my boyfriend for almost a year so I was very excited.

First thing I noticed is the weather. Manila weather is always around 32 degrees Celsius and I’m used to that. I knew it will be cold in Taiwan but I underestimated as I only brought two jackets with me. It was 20 degrees C when I arrived. That is very cold already to me who’s used to tropical weather. I loved it, though!The next day, Andy and I roamed near our apartment before we took the bullet train going to Tainan. To my surprise, (and to him, too, as we didn’t expected it) We saw cherry blossom trees blooming. They are beautiful!

It has always been a dream for me to see one and it finally happened. So thankful!

There were only less than 10 trees blooming in this park but it was still a sight to see. There were even photographers with huge cameras lining up to take photos of the trees that day. There were leafless trees, too, that made me feel like I was also experiencing autumn.

This was such a memorable day for me – to be with my love and see the cherry blossom trees for the first time.

Have you seen cherry blossoms before? You’re so fortunate if it grows near your house. Like at Andy’s place in Vancouver, his street is lined with cherry blossom trees. Always a beautiful sight whenever it blooms. 🙂🌸

24 thoughts on “First Time Seeing Cherry Blossom Trees

  1. Beautiful pictures ❤️ And I’m sorry you’ve been denied to come to Canada, I really hope you are able to come one day! You’ll love it ❤️


  2. I love those trees, so pretty!

    Do you have any idea when you two will be able to live in the same town? I admire you both for how you’ve maintained such a loving relationship for so long even though it is long distance.


  3. Cherry blossoms seem wonderful because people aren’t normally accustomed to seeing flowers on trees – they’re familiar with roses and bouquets – and cherry trees bloom with all flowers around their perimeter making them look like a giant flower.

    It would be great to eat some cherry popsicles and drink some cherry cola in front of cherry trees!

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  4. Wow, those cherry blossoms are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures! I’m really sorry to hear about the denial of your Canadian visa 😦 I hope one day you get approved and come experience Canada!


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