20 Random Facts About Me + Video

unnamedI decided to be active on YouTube and do vlogging there that I thought of doing a “20 Random Facts About Me” video. I also thought of sharing those facts here on my blog since the last time I did something like this was over three years ago. You may read it here

Here’s an updated one:

  1. I started blogging over four years ago.
  2. I work as an administrative assistant at one of the schools here in Pasay City.
  3. I have three older sisters. I am the youngest.
  4. I’m in a long distance relationship for almost three years now. Hi, love!
  5. I love using planner since 2014.
  6. One of my Youtube content creator is Aileen of The Lavendaire Lifestyle. I also like Meredith Foster, Jenn Im and LaurDIY.
  7. I’ve only been abroad twice but both in Taiwan.
  8. Two of my many favorite Filipino bloggers are Kryz Uy and Vern Enciso.
  9. I used to study Chemical Engineering but I shifted to Mass Communication and settled (and graduated) with Business Administration.
  10. I was born and raised in Iloilo City.
  11. I love winter melon mil tea so much.
  12. My birth month is April.
  13. My father passed away when I was 14 years old.
  14. I hate looking at a peacock’s tail. I don’t like those circles on it.
  15. English is not my first language.
  16. I don’t know how to sing, dance and swim. Haha!
  17. I love reading and my favorite author is Colleen Hoover.
  18. I don’t drink coffee because when I do, I palpitate.
  19. I just bought my first ever laptop this year.
  20. I love flowers so much.

Here’s the video version of it. I hope you could subscribe. Please let me know so I could subscribe back. 🙂

15 thoughts on “20 Random Facts About Me + Video

  1. Hey, it’s April this month – Happy Birth-Day Month!

    Few people can sing, dance, and swim at the same time, they’d be very talented people! I think you meant to say: sing, dance or swim.

    I’d like to reply and convey 20 things about me too –

    1.I started blogging over four months ago – for myself. Before that, it was for private companies and worldwide clients. I plan to make passive income from my blog someday.
    2.I work as a Web Consultant, on the Internet, in Trivandrum City.
    3.I live in the tropical, coastal state of Kerala with my parents.
    4.I love the world and hope to start a wonderful family someday.
    5.I love using Linux on my computer, I’ve been using Ubuntu since 2014.
    6.I haven’t created anything on YouTube yet, but feel free to subscribe and I’ll do the same by the end of the week?!
    7.I love to travel distances. I’ve been to islands in the sub-continent of India, but never gone outside the country.
    8.My favourite bloggers are those bloggers who help you learn to do things that can make your work easier and things that can make you money online.
    9.I like computers to do things faster. I went to study Computer Science at the best Engineering College/University in my State. Now, I learn new things on the Internet everyday!
    10.I was born and brought-up in Trivandrum City.
    11.I love eating Rice Meal for lunch with lentils, curry, curd, and vegetables.
    12.I was born in March.
    13.I never started a blog of my own until quite recently. It is WondraWords.BlogSpot.Com
    14.I hate it when there’s no food in the house and I’m hungry. It means I’ve not followed my planned goals.
    15.I can communicate in over four major languages and two International languages fluently.
    16.I love playing video games and am fluent with online gaming.
    17.My favorite author is myself, at the moment, besides all those lovely bloggers out there whom I follow and visit online.
    18.I love drinking water and fruit juices because those liquids make me feel very happy.
    19.I bought myself a new table fan this year and that keeps me cool in the hot summer that’s occurring now!
    20.I love food, the Internet, and making money online.

    Have a nice day!

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