My First Althea Korea Haul + Short Reviews Korea is your one-stop online store for all things Korean makeup and skincare products. I’ve been lucky enough to be chosen as one of their ambassadors and they sent me a welcome gift last month which you can read here. Aside from that, they gave us reward points which we can use to shop at their store. Today’s post is a haul of the things I bought from Althea.

Color: 03 Natural Beige

I don’t own a concealer prior to purchasing this one. I’m glad that it’s in a travel-size tube as I wasn’t sure if I’ll like it or not. The color was perfect for my skin tone and it’s doing a good job in concealing my dark spots due to pimples.

Color: Pink

I love the smell and the fruity taste of this tint. A little watery so I have to be careful in applying but doing the gradient effect is easy with this one. I don’t find this long-lasting, though.img_7830

Color: #23 Warm Beige

I love this! Packaging is so cute. It has the ability to control sebum on my face so I only had to apply twice a day. It also smells so good.

For the next items, I haven’t used them yet as of writing so I’ll just write what it promises.

What it promises:

– A sebum controlling powder pact
– Leaves skin in a fresh, shine-free finish
– No parabens, artificial pigments, animal ingredients or mineral oils

What it promises:

– Gentle but powerful cleanser to rid the skin of dirt and impurities
– Contains 9 black plant extracts to clarify, nourish and hydrate the skin
– Use with pore brush provided to lather up a rich foamimg_7835

What it promises:

– Soothes dry skin
– For brighter, more vibrant looking skin

I was able to buy per piece but you can now only buy this in pack with 5 sheets.img_7836

(Only after I wrote this haul that I realized I’m not good with shopping because I bought two kinds of facial wash and powder. Haha! I should have bought some face moisturizer or sun screen too. Next time!)

Althea Korea sells authentic Korean products at a very affordable price. Giving us, non-Korea based, a chance to have that Korean glow. Althea Korea ships worldwide and is free shipping to Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and in the US (terms & conditions apply).

Click here for a 20% off. Always check their website as well, as they usually have promos and freebies going on.

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