Substance: Laser & Skincare | Where Beauty Is Not A Luxury

Substance: Laser & Skincare, a new skin clinic where beauty is not a luxury opened its doors on August 18th and I was one of the lucky bloggers to witness their grand launch.

I, myself, have been battling with pimples and acne scars and sometimes, I am even losing hope if there would still be a chance that my face will get clear again. Derma procedures are always so high above my budget that I’d rely to skincare products in the hope of achieving perfect skin. But then, acne and pimples that I got when I hit puberty already left scars and marks that I’d always need concealers or bb creams to cover it up.

After undergoing treatments from Substance which I narrated below, I’m hopeful I’ll get that smooth skin again.

The Story Behind Substance

The idea to open an affordable aesthetics clinic did not come about because their founder was a dermatologist who took the logical path to set-up a skin clinic. It came about because, like most of us, she was the patient who had suffered from self-esteem issues due to severe acne.

An ordinary 14-year old girl who could not even look at herself in the mirror nor confidently face people grew tired of her ordeal and made it a personal goal to one day achieve clear, healthy-looking skin.

Her journey to getting the skin she dreamt of was not without challenges. The process was dreary and disheartening, mostly because of apathetic therapists, hyped products that did not deliver, and exorbitantly marked-up prices. It took her 10 years before she has finally achieved her goal.

With the mission to share her journey and discovery with the world, she founded Substance – a clinic with an array of curated solutions she researched, tried, and tested with fellow aesthetic doctor friends. At Substance, quality is not compromised regardless of price or duration of treatment.

Their founder believes that it is high-time to make results-driven skin solutions affordable and accessible to anyone.

I was given a tour inside the clinic and the first thing I noticed is its minimalist setup in black and white. Simple and clean looking furniture and designs. They have consultation area, laser area, and the facials area. The clinic also has a lounge for patient’s friends/families to wait.
Consultation Area
Laser Treatment Area
Substance: Laser & Skincare | Where Beauty Is Not A Luxury
Facial Area

Substance Concoctions Laser & SkincareSubstance: Laser & SkincareSubstance: Laser & Skincare laser & Skincare

Last Monday, August 27th, I went back to try their services and I was welcomed with their friendly staff and the owner. Days prior, though, I messaged them to book an appointment so I’m sure I’d be able to meet one their doctors. I then answered a questionnaire about my skin and also signed a waiver.

I met Dr. Mendoza. She examined my face and told me that at my age, 27, I shouldn’t have any pimples already. What’s likely to play role for this is because of diet (since I love salty food) or when my menstrual cycle is starting. Aside from this, having clogged pores, excess oil production and acne-causing bacteria can also be the cause. She also noticed my large pores. Ha! I’m happy to have an expert examine my face but also a little embarrassed to go through this. But then again, seeing an expert is always a good idea so I’d learn more about my skin.

Dr. Mendoza was glad to know that I’m wearing sunscreen in SPF 50 but she advised that I should apply it twice a day. Especially with my work that requires me to go out of the school.

After the consultation, she advised me to have the Hydra Ultrasound Infusion and the Holy Grail Laser or also known as Q-Switch Laser Toning Treatment + Carbon Laser Peel as I have a lot of acne marks, large pores and I also have dull skin.

I didn’t have any photo of the procedure as I went alone and no one to take photos of me. 😦

First, I had the Hydra Ultrasound Infusion. Before the treatment, Aillene (the easthetician) cleaned my face to remove the makeup and dirt.  She then started to exfoliate my face using a suction/vacuum with lactic acid to clean the outer layer of my skin and get rid of all the dirt I accumulated that day.

Next, she infused my skin with salicilic acid to help loosen some deeper dirt from the pores that she vacuumed again after. Lastly, the final step of Hydrafacial when my skin is now clean, she infused my skin with hydrating serum.

Overall, the experience was relaxing and comfortable. I like how she’d give me face massage and her hand was light while doing the whole process.

After the Hydrafacial, she prepared my face for the laser treatment which was the combination of Q Switch and Carbon Laser Peel. She applied the liquid carbon on my face to penetrate deep into my pores and left it for a few minutes. She came back twice with a tissue to blot the oil on my face and on the last time, she thickened the cover of liquid carbon on my face.

I was then brought to their laser area. Aillene covered my eyes and she made sure I’m not seeing any light. Dr. Mendoza herself did the laser treatment procedure. She’d do test shots on my temple to know if I can tolerate the heat and she’d also ask me from time to time if I’m feeling okay and comfortable. This is where you’ll say, “tiis ganda“. There’s pain but tolerable in my case. I could also smell the liquid carbon burning.

After the laser treatment, Ailenne put on moisturizer and sunscreen on my face. She also advised me not to wash my face overnight. Even the owner visited me on my bed to ask me how I was. I love this! They really do care for you and make sure you’re getting the right pamper we all deserve. Thank you! 🙂

Three days have passed since the treatments and I’m already loving the result. I couldn’t stop looking at my face in the mirror. The treatments made my skin lighten and tighten, reduced some of my large pores especially near my nose also, no more visible blackheads on my nose.

Thank you so much Substance: Laser & Skincare! I’ll be back for sure.

Visit them at Level 3 Robinsons Galleria, EDSA cor., Ortigas Ave, Ortigas Center, Quezon City from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Don’t forget to use my code SUBSTANCEGLAI18 for a free consultation worth Php 1,000. They also have an ongoing 20% off promo in all their services until September 2018.

Substance: Laser & Skincare
+63 917 523 4344 / +63 995 510 4084
Facebook: @skinbysubstanceph
Instagram: @skinbysubstance


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