August 2018 Recap | Highlights, Movies, etc. August was filled with everything Korean – especially Korean drama. I’m even writing this today listening to the official sound track of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart. I so love how Kdramas can make me laugh and cry and give me butterflies in my stomach. Are you into kdramas , too? What’s your favorite?

This month, I watched Moon Lover: Scarlet Heart. It’s beautiful! Made me cry a few times and made my heart happy seeing the scenes of Lee Joon-gi and Lee Ji-eun. A lot of people would like to have season two. If there would be, I’ll be one of those people waiting for it.

This month has been hard as well in terms of my job. I’m becoming more and more demotivated to go to work. I know this won’t be forever anyway because I’ll be moving to another country in the future. I have to be practical, though. The pay is good plus I get other benefits and bonuses.  But still… 😦

Anyway, here I go with my month’s highlights and also the movies I watched and book I read:


  • As I was browsing my planner, my heart skipped when I read “Finished watching  The Vampire Diaries”. OMG! How I miss watching it! For 6 months of watching, I felt like it had been part of my life. This was the first time I watched a complete season of a show and no regrets at all. It’s beautiful! Have you watched The Vampire Diaries before? What are your thoughts about it?
  • It’s been months since Melody, Leth (my colleagues) and I had dinner after work because I don’t go home at the same with them anymore since the school year started. But last Aug. 24th, we were able to finally have dinner together at Samgyupsalamat, a Korean bbq restaurant.


  • Men of Honor – awesome movie! True story plus an inspirational one? Count me in!
  • Notting Hill – Ha! I’ve finally watched it! At first, I find it weird how Anna Scott would kiss Will on their meetings but as the movie progresses, I’ve started to like the plot. I’m glad also that it has a happy ending.
  • What Happened to Monday – I didn’t expect anything as I haven’t watched the trailers nor do I know the casts. This movie turned out brilliant, though!
  • To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – it’s cute and a feel good movie. I’ve read the book before and I like how they stuck to the novel with the plot.
  • Upside Down – Interesting plot but not really a movie I’d recommend. My friend even fell asleep. LOL!
  • Adrift – this true-to-life movie broke my heart. A must-watch movie for sure, though.
  • Ocean’s 8 – I enjoyed this! I get nervous with the things they’re doing but it’s very entertaining as well.


  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo – I know I can’t do this method yet but I’m sure in the future, though. I’m glad I was able to read and learn something from this book.

Blog Posts

This September, I’m starting with another Korean drama that has a high rating. It would be awesome for sure and can’t wait to tell you, guys, about it next time.

How did your August go? 🙂

18 thoughts on “August 2018 Recap | Highlights, Movies, etc.

  1. I hope your job gets easier so you can feel motivated to go! I know the feeling :/
    Im currently watching Mr.Sunshine and still watching my ID is Gangnam Beauty. I will def check out Moon Lovers 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Adrift and Notting hill are pretty awesome movies! And kdramas? I think they’ve won the heart of the world 😂❤️


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