Things To Do and How To Get To La Mesa Ecopark, Quezon City

La Mesa Ecopark has been one of the places I wanted to visit for so long when I wanted a quick escape from the city. The location discourages me to travel, though, as whenever I hear “Quezon City”, I always think it’s too far from me.

Last week, the urge to go somewhere was strong and I felt burned out from work so I really needed to go somewhere with lots of trees. I brought Mom with me and off we go to La Mesa Ecopark.

How to commute going to La Mesa Ecopark:

  1. From EDSA-Malibay, Pasay City, we hopped on a bus with the SM Fairview signboard and paid Php53.00 each. It was a 1.5 hours bus ride.
  2. We then got off at Winston Street in East Fairview Subdivision and rode a tricycle going to La Mesa Ecopark’s entrance. The ride was 5 to 10 minutes and we paid Php50.00 for the two of us.

La Mesa Ecopark was indeed a good idea. It has been too long since I’ve been to a place with lots and lots of trees. Seeing all the greens, breathing in fresh air and hearing the birds chirping made me relax.

The entrance fee for non-Quezon City residents is Php50.00. Php40.00 for Quezon City residents and Php20.00 for Quezon City Students. At La Mesa Ecopark, there are also activities you could do and they are the following:

  1. Biking
  2. Horse back riding
  3. Zipline
  4. Swim at their pool

I didn’t do any of those, though, as I was content with just strolling around and seeing all the flowers blooming around the ecopark. There are food stalls around, as well, and a pasalubong shop.

Going up this 100 steps of stairs gives one a chance to see the La Mesa Dam Reservoir. It was vast! I can’t provide a photo, though, as taking photos and videos of the dam was prohibited. It was awesome to finally see it. My favorite was seeing all these flowers, though.

La Mesa Ecopark also has an amphitheater. For people who wants to perform for sure and other stuff but that day, I only saw families doing picnic and students having their meeting.

Next, Mom and I entered the mini forest. To be honest, I was a little scared because all I think was that snakes might come out. I felt relaxed after hearing the birds chirping and seeing a lot of different trees and some wild flowers.

Mom and I just kept on walking and simply stroll around the area. Since there are a lot of bushes and a pond, I recommend one to bring insect repellant or wear pants. I had mosquito bites on my legs after the tour.

Mom and I had our late lunch at one of the canteens inside the ecopark. We had grilled squid and fish. It was good! The canteen staff were also Ilonggos so we all had a little chat.

Our last stop was at the Butterfly Haven. Where we saw the cycles butterflies go through and I also saw how happy my mom was seeing the butterflies. She’s all smiles whenever a butterfly lands on her hand.

All in all, it was a good day. I got my much-needed escape from the urban jungle and I was able to bond with my mom. 🙂

La Mesa Ecopark

Novaliches, Quezon City, Metro Manila

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