Plan With Me: March 2019 Habit Tracker |Bullet Journal

Hi everyone! ☺

Here’s another bullet journal-related blog post for you all. I’ll be sharing my habit tracker for the month of March. I know March started already but I still want to put my habit tracker out there. For me to be accountable and help me finish the month doing all these good habits.

Plan With Me: March 2019 Habit Tracker |Bullet JournalAs you may see, I have already started shading last March 1st. Yay!


The doodles of daisies on the side were inspired by my friend’s newest tattoo. I learned to doodle them through the tutorials I saw on Pinterest. I love the different angles of the daisies!


These are the good little habits I wanted to do this month:

  • 6 hours or more of sleep
  • no eating fast food
  • to floss at least every night
  • read 10% or more (I read ebooks so I chose to use percentage than pages)
  • take my vitamins every night (I was so bad at doing this last month)
  • come to work before 8:00 am

What are the good (big or small) habits you want to start? ☻


“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” ―John C. Maxwell


4 thoughts on “Plan With Me: March 2019 Habit Tracker |Bullet Journal

  1. Okay, I LOVE this. I actually love using habit trackers normally, but I’ve been so slack with it in the past few months. Yours are really useful ones too (vitamins and no junk food? Uh, yes please) – saved to my Pinterest board for inspiration next month!xx


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